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YasenKrasen Beta add ons not working

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Thanks for the info.  Someone in the WoT thread for the mod claims to have gotten it to work by installing the files manually instead of via your installer.  I tried that and nothing was different from what your installer does.  I have asked them if it is still working and told them that it didn't work for me.  If I get any info, I will pass it along.  In the meantime, I am going to use something other than YasenKrasen from the modpack.  That is a big advantage of this modpack.....choices, choices, choices....

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the beta add on didn't work for me for a while ,  it went from working from when I first installed the mudpack it worked , if I closed game down and restarted the add ons wud be gone  the wn8 on  battle results and the info about the tank wud be gone , just lately its working perfect , problem a gremlin as usual  aslains best friend

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