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My 6th sence is working, randomly

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My 6th sence is not working, it works some times, some not -  randomly - few times its ok, today was playing and there was no 6th sence (no picture, no sound)
What may cause the problem? Reinstalling modpack wont help. (After reinstall - there is 6th sence in some, maybe 5 battles and then disapear)


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I have also had this happen, but extremely randomly....maybe two or three times out of 200 -300 battles.  There have definitely been two times that I am 99% sure that I was spotted for 10+ seconds without any warning.  The third time may not have been long enough. 


If your logs you have included were not immediately after the problem occurs, they may not be of any help.  Sharing the logs immediately after 6th sense doesn't work may shed some light on the issue.

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