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    v9.15.03 (27-05-2016): - updated XVM- (5681) [fixed crashing after being killed] - updated damagePanel Zayaz - updated UI Scale Mod - fixed XVM remover (experimental) - fixed circle OTM reload - removed LAMP damage panel
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    9.16 build 02 (07-10-2016): - updated session stats: YasenKrasen and Tomonik - updated crosshairs script - updated Custom shell, consumable, module icons and more (by willow2000) - updated contour icons: PogS - updated Chat filter (hate blocker) by Krzysztof_Chodak - updated Crew Exp Extended - updated Vehicle Exp Extended - updated Minimap Tankview Extended - updated crosshair: Kellerman Blue, Damocles, Harpoon, Hardscope - updated Research Watchdog by Krzysztof_Chodak - updated Semi-Reproduction of Gnomefather's Gun Sounds (by cwjian90) - added Received Damage Announcer by Elkano - added option to hide central feedback in all Gambiter logs - added english translation PMOD Stats config by XXX_MUTANT (made by Quaksen) - added option to toggle XVM clock in battle (at the other XVM settings section) - added option Show alive players count instead of frags on Score Board - added Info Panel (with menu button) - added Damage Panel with repair timer - added 6th sense sounds (mp3) [after installing, go to the game settings and enable it there] - added Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree - fixed contour icons mirroring Prudenter - fixed ramming icon in my xvm hitlog - fixed installing Aslain's Contour icons with arab tiers, Prudenter icons
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    9.15.2 build 12 (28-09-2016): - updated XVM to v6.4.5.1 (fixed client crash when "minimap"/"circles"/"special" section is not empty) - updated Gnomefather's gun sound - added crosshair "Destroyer" - added OTM by night_dragon_on - added OTM by demon2597 - added Received Damage Announcer by ekspoint
  4. 4 points build 20 (02-09-2016): - added option to XVM section: Display Team HP on the battle interface - added option to XVM OTM section: Floating damage style (also my old style is back) - added option to XVM OTM: The shadow intensity behind OTM [regular/lesser] - added contour icons: YACM by Panzerleiter - fixed winchances
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    v5.6.0.01 (30-05-2016): - updated Historical Flags (by Adiya) - updated semi-transparent fading minimap by fugetsu - updated Yet another zoom-out mod (by Pope_Shizzle) - updated No Fog - updated Big Waves - updated contour icons: DeceasedDaisy, AutoSpy - updated minimap by COPCK_BCB - updated Player's Panel by BADoBEST, by Atmaxx - added Training Room + Session Stats [DE] [also removed standalone Training Room] - added Minimap with ship names by atmaxx, and option with damagelog - removed hp bars option from: Aslain, Hakabase, Atmaxx (requires update)
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    v9.14.47 (11-05-2016): - updated ZJ OTM Reloads [working period to 21.05.2016] - added xvm option: Enable XMQP feature for exchanging data between players (experimental) [PP] - updated xvm config [to disable XMQP by default]
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    v9.13.01 (16-12-2015): - updated LAMP Damage Panel Zaya's Style [config updated by Nostramo] - updated contour icons: Best Icons Ever by Grandorf - updated Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree - updated Icons with better contrast on Tech-Tree (by steaxch) [DLC] - updated Camouflage colored icons (by steaxch) [DLC] - added Kriegstreiber's sound mods - added Selected tank highlighter (XVM carousel section)
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    v0.1.3 (05-05-2015): - reworked mods tree - added MLP consumables - added missing screenshot - added Pinkie Sense - added Trap Sense - renamed situation awareness to Cry Havoc Sense
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    v1.2.0.2 #00 (28-11-2018): - initial compatibility with WoT - updated XVM 7.7.7 - updated Change client language - updated session stats YasenKrasen - updated XVM debugPanel v1-v3 - updated installer languages: DE, FR, HU - updated Extended blacklist - updated PMOD v1.36.3 - updated PYmodsCore.wotmod - added skin: M4A1 Revalorisé > M-51 Super Sherman (Avalon) - added skin: Comet Mk. 2 "Impertinent" (Avalon) - removed temporary: anti-mirror files for non XVM contour icons - info: there might be one more modpack update tonite
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    Game won't launch if you do that. Try to launch the game in Safe Mode.
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    v9.16 #54 (28-11-2016): - updated contour icons: corecroft27 - added Damage Panel with timer & repair panel on L.CTRL - added OTM by Hawg - added new options to OTM by Aslain: Vehicle hitpoints
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    9.16 build 07 (12-10-2016): - updated Semi-Reproduction of Gnome's Gun Sounds - added Debug Panel by ekspoint - added Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky - added contour icons: Torque, Tomsa - added Crew Skill Informer - added Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle - added option to Damage Log branch: Move logs to the right to fit vanilla logs [don't use with XFT] - reworked branch Team HP bar: Battle Observer (by Armagomen)
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    9.15.2 build 08 (21-09-2016): - added UT Announcer (EN male/female mix) - added XVM's 6th sense sound: Trap Sense (Star Wars) - added music Gundam SEED Destiny BGM (by Strike_Zero) - updated hitzone skins by Goha.ru - updated XVM to 6490 [nightly build] - updated OTM Reloads by ZJ [works until 01.10.2016]
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    Let me start by saying how much I like playing WoWS. I started late into the Beta by buying my command with a Sims. Not being the youngest kid on the block (more like the oldest), or a "Pinball Wizard" on the keys was not my style of play. I found the game needed more thought in planning ahead, more like a game of chess. Sure you could steam alone, full speed ahead down the centre of the map, and get blown out off the water PDQ. I tend to play the team game, with my DD, scout ahead of the flotilla and try not to get sunk. With my CC's I try to protect my BB's from sneak attacks by DD's and my CV's from AC's with Flak cover. Whilst in the "Flack" role I used to think, "Why are my AAA gunners so crap at shooting down AC's". Time to read up on secondary gunnery use, and then the penny dropped. If you don't tell your gunners what to shoot at, they'll just "scatter gun" the sky and get lucky shots. Now that I've found the CTRL point at target press LMB buttons, no CV under my watch has been sunk. On one occasion, my Cleveland gunners downed 15 planes. A lesson learned, read tactics first and be a credit to your team mates.
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    v9.15.12 (06-06-2016): - reworked Armour Penetration Indicator section (added style from lportii, added branch) - removed all gun sounds mods, they are outdated and causing issues like missing icons in gambiter logs etc. - removed Fire & Ammo Rack hitzones by BadBoy78 [outdated, with ugly spam on top] - updated Team HP Bar by Armagomen - added Radial Menu Editor v2.5 - added Shiny metal by Hanabishi - added crosshair J1mbo, Taipan, Sword of Damocles (mix) - added crew voices: My Little Pony: Tanking is Magic
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    Translated from the original mod author post and from the default config: Зеленый вперед, желтый назад, красный стоит? В конфиге же все. А так... по умолчанию: красный - назад, желтый - стоит. Green - ship is going forward Yellow - ship is standing still Red - ship is going backwards
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    v9.13.11 (24-12-2015): - updated XVM (5105) - updated Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree v0.91 - updated contour icons: PogS by Assassik [updated to 9.13] - updated scripts MS.pyc and mod_newsights.pyc in crosshairs section - added new option to PMOD (camera) section: Display results from previous battle, Disable red flash when enemy hit your tank - Merry Christmas !
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    Jeśli tak to może w ogóle niech nie robi nic! Niech wszystko zostawi samopas. Po co się chłopina ma męczyć? Po co tyle się udziela, po co tyle czasu spędza nad swoim tworem, jeśli poświęcałby czas na rodzinę/znajomych? Odpowiedź: Po to, aby miało to wszystko sens oraz aby inni, którzy z tego korzystają mieli satysfakcję. Aby stworzyć coś, z czego korzystam sam oraz udoskonalam to, co zrobiłem dzieląc się przy tym z innymi, słuchając głosów za i przeciw. Co dodać, co urozmaicić.
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    v4.4.11 (06-06-2015): - updated XVM to nightly build 4506 - added locastans UI mod (beta) [scaling UI elements for 4K resolution] for WoT 9.8.1 - added ReCo's Vertical Techtree by Mike2051 (RVT - updated YasenKrasen's session stats to - updated Autoaim indicator+ - updated TORQue contour icons for WoT 9.8.1 (dirty fix by T0m0n) - fixed reload timer in XFT damage panel - removed Dellux crosshair (use Shyts minimalistic sights instead) - removed italian outdated translation from the installer - removed custom spg crosshairs - need fixing - removed all spg crosshairs from J1mbo, except J1mbo's - removed bugged sights.pyc and replaced with EasyCrosshairs.pyc in following crosshairs: Deegie's, J1mbo's, Shtys, Melty, Mjolnir, Taipan. It's not finished, I will take care of the other crosshairs another day. - disabled BlueShot (ability to shot at team killer - blue player ) in Advanced Aiming System's SafeShot
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    v4.2.15 (22-02-2015): - updated Effective Armor Calculator (battletimer.swf fix, vehicle data change) - updated XVM to nightly 3850 - removed spammy script: ProSights.pyc (don't ask me to add it again) - fixed Mav's Ultra Fog Remover (wrong file name for Sacred Valley map)
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    v4.2.5 (13-02-2015): - updated XVM v6.0.0.3 - updated ReCo's Vertical Techtree v9.6.1 - updated TORQue Contour Mod v1.9 - updated TessuMod 0.5.2 (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod) - updated J1mB0's Contour Icon Mod v1.40 - updated Pogs contour icon mod 3.x Oxmaster continued - updated Webium's contour icon - updated Prudenter Icons - updated Skins with hitzones from Dendyt - updated WoT Tweaks section - added MaxFarPlane with Fog Remover - added Dumadidak Black Hangar (minimalistic hangar)
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    Witam Czy jest możliwość aby można było wybrać celownik pro arty i jimbo jako snajperski?Bo jeden wyklucza drugi. Pozdrawiam
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    haha the giveaways are things like fanatical packs that i buy for 1 or 2 games and it leaves many games i have or do not want. Also Humble bundle monthly (the primary title for November was hitman first season, December was metal gear solid 5 which i gave to a friend, January is just cause 3 xxl, wizard of legend and project cars 2 (i own JC3 XXl already and have 100% completed it awesome game but 4 is a bag of crap. in that in jan there will also be another 7 or 8 games that are still hidden (i wont see that till i get it in january.) hence every few months the games that are left over I post on here for free, otherwise they would just be let to disappear into the digital dustbin. I will be posting a new list In January. i have sent you the gift links for the above 4 games.
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    sending the codes now fresh copy of Hitman first season available. Donator or someone who has not claimed a game yet (to make it fair for everyone.)
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    @Toxophilite try to replace res_mods\\gui\flash\ScoreTimer.swf with file from attachment, it should work for all languages for now. ScoreTimer.swf
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    Hi. It's probably because of differences in "hold reward" string format. For most european laguages it looks like "+3 every 5 seconds" (you can find it on first tab of loading screen, see screenshot). If you could send me your variant of this string (in text to copy-paste), i'll try to make fix for Korean language.
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    It's working if you install it with Hangman, then select Mhmh from hangman menu.
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    Game still crashes after switching to minimalist hanger. Switched to safe mode, ran some platoons, then 2 hours of strongholds without any crashes. I miss my mods man! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip ETA: Donation sent.... don't forget to pay Aslain for all his hard work trying to fix this WG / XVM mess... He's staying up half of the night trying to figure this all out. Gotta give him some love ($$).
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    The easiest thing to do is just play the Halloween mode in safe mode (without mods).
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    v9.20.1.1 #01 (26-10-2017): - updated XVM to 8016 [nightly] - updated contour icons: Aslain, Grandorf, Corehorn, Witblitz, Qualan, Webium, XSerzHX (other contour icons are outdated, it's not recommended to install them for now) - updated Premium tanks colored by gold (by Aslain) - updated Class colored icons (by Aslain) - updated Change client language - updated damage log gambiter - updated AutoAim Indication+ - removed mods that are suspected to be broken in current client update: - all damage panels - all Aim Helping mods except for AAI+ - gun and engine sounds - info: next modpack update most likely later today, in case of problems related to aiming don't install crosshairs yet
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    Hello everyone! I am new here, and new to the Mod. Just about to go install it. I just wanted to take a second and say hello and introduce myself. I am a 38 year old, with two kids and a girlfriend. I live in New York State, USA. I have been playing World of Tanks since about 2011 and i STILL suck at it. I was a previous user of OMC Mod Pack, and have gone with no mods at all since it closed u shop. I had it on good word from a few friends that this was even better and more user friendly so I figured I would give it a shot. Currently my favorite tank lines are probably the German and American heavies and <gulp> ... Arty... sorry. LoL Anyways, what a great looking page you all have here. Very inviting and very user friendly from what I can see. Have a good one everyone, and hope to see you around!! (I looked around, and could not find a "New Members" or "New Recruits" thread. If I am posting this incorrectly, Please, by all means either delete or reposition it.) ((Thanks in Advance)).
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    v9.20 #17 (09-10-2017): - updated Camo Selector [fixed rare case of crashing]
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    v9.17.0.3 #06 (30-01-2017): - updated XVM to 7112 [nightly build] * services initialization refactoring * squad: fix min/max tiers calculation * minimap: fix "motion" and "blindarea_motion" circles * battleLoading: re-implemented "highlightVehicleIcon" option - removed WG FM Radio [suspected for game instability] - removed Arty Log Mod [unstable, in conflict with ekspoint mods, req. upd.] - removed session stats: Patrol
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    1. All forum rules are valid in this section except bumping: it is allowed for each clan to bump their thread with same or similar post over and over again. 2. Each clan is allowed only 1 active thread per clan. IF you have multiple clans ( WG1, WG2 etc..) you are allowed to have active thread for each, no matter if it is basically same clan. 3. Topics that are not connected with recruitment and clans will be removed and poster will be sanctioned. 4. Native languages are allowed in this section - there is no "Use English language only " rule here. 5. Due to potential issues with language barrier, moderators won't be responsible for removing each potentially bad post - it is duty of clan officers or topic starter to report posts that violate rules.Moderators might interfere only in the case of obvious Forum Rules violations. 6. Each clan MUST HAVE link to their page on main portal ( example: [WG]) in their first, opening, post. 7. Aslain will not meddle into internal things of clans, alliances and so on (officers, or clans leaving, "backstabbing" or NAP breaking, potential gold sharing issues, etc.). Such things are internal matters of each clan or alliance and will be considered as violation of forum rules if posted here. 8. Threads without new posts for 15 days will be considered abandoned and will be locked and removed from this section. 9. Above everything, be polite and always follow the rules - what you post here will represent your clan to entire community and can cause damage beyond repair.
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    This was the only working version, so you know, I will add the other options when they are available.
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    U mnie ten sam problem powodowały ikony czołgów.
  37. 2 points build 26 (10-09-2016): - updated XVM to 6454 [nightly build] - added Spotting markers (without XVM) - added contour icons by Milkym4n - replaced damage log gambiter script with different one (to fix logs being visible on Tab window) - fixed text in menu of Personal Missions Helper and Vehicle Exp Extended
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    Have you started doing anything or we can forget it? Just asking, no preassure
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    v9. (12-08-2016): - removed XVM hitlog position options (causing chat issues, to move it edit battleLabelsTemplates.xc) - removed Team HP from Default XVM (enable it manualy if you want in battleLabelsTemplates.xc) - disabled AutoTelescope (suspected for issues) - fixed Player's Panel vehicle field width (so the stats are visible) - fixed clan icon position on Aslains XVM config (at Players Panel) - updated PMOD in PMOD session stats (forgot it yesterday) - updated crosshair Hardscope - added Kellerman Blue crosshair - added 6th sense sounds (might be not compatible with some other sound mods, you will know when you cannot hear selected 6th sense sound) - tuned up the Battle Assistant config - there still seem to be that chat issue, god knows what is causing this, AS3 ftw.... :/
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    v5.5.1.01 (13-05-2016): - updated contour icons: Panzerleiter, Aslain, AutoSpy, Birt, Atmaxx - updated Colored tracers by Anthropologe - updated Extended Tech Tree (adds hidden/unavailable ships to tech tree) - addec crosshair: Tic-Tac Eye of Sauron [rework by MajorRenegade] - removed No Manga (by Mebius_LW) [few ships still have camo, bugs, needs update] - removed all sound mods by vito74m - fixed installing Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Theme Pack [DLC]
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    With the modpack installed, it only works in safe mode. Problem started after updating to 5.4.1. As game opens, and the loading screen appears, it freezes, As it opens an error window. Didnt find any python file in the game folder. Also coundn't print the error screen for some reason, so i had to take a photo. Edit: User Quaksen instructed me on where to find the pytohn log, so I uploaded it _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
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    Added my XVM config only for World of Tanks 0.9.14 Common Test
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    v9.13.39 (23-02-2016): - added OTM by Minooz - added OTM by LuckyCrusky - added OTM by demon2597 - added OTM by vlad_cs_sr - added OTM by Maggz - added Account Manager by RN - updated OTM Reloads by RN - updated Direction Indicator by RN - updated Team Roughneck's Gunsights - updated Session Stats by Roughneck - updated Expected Tank Values v26 (22th Feb 2016) - updated man1aq Contour Mod - updated crew icons Minion
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    v9.10.41 (28-10-2015): - updated HD minimap mod v0. - updated all contour icons by Aslain to today's micropatch - added alternative minimap mode: Show players name colored by rating on the minimap - note: if you see wrong or missing contour icon it's normal, since only I updated my icons yet
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    102 tons... the size of an E-100... the gun of a T-150... and... the mobility of an M4 Sherman??? In this guide, I shall cover all of the various Pros and Cons of the O-I Experimental, explain the gun and equipment choices, give you a general overview of its gameplay style and compare it to other Tier 5 Heavy Tanks. Let's get started, shall we? Table of Contents: General overview (Pros and Cons) Equipment, ammo and consumable layout Gun choices Gameplay style Comparison to other same-class tanks of its Tier Overall Rating General Overview: Pros: Very high alpha damage, at 300 a shot. Good penetration for its Tier, at 130/150/53 Tied for one of the highest hit point values of its Tier, with 700 HP 102 ton tank means that anything which rams you is going to take far more damage than they do to you; if they even damage your vehicle Very nice top speed limit of 40km/h, which is exceptionally quick considering the size and weight of the tank Decent HP/ton ratio, with 12 horsepower available per ton of weight. This allows the tank to reach its top speed with relative ease The tank is a great rammer; if you get the opportunity to run something over, go for it. Even a gentle tap can do anywhere from 100-300 damage, depending on what you're ramming. At top speed, you can take out all of the HP of a Tier 5 with ease when ramming Surprisingly good traverse speed (considering the size and weight of the vehicle) at 24 degrees per second. When comparing this tank to the KV-5, which has the same size, weight and top speed, you realize that the O-I Experimental has 6 degrees better track traverse per second than the KV-5; 33% better. Decent DPM of 1,856 (un-equipped). The alpha damage makes that DPM far better than it would be on some other tanks 360m of View Range. Most Tier 5 heavies have anywhere from 310 to 350... this is the highest View Range (I think) of all of the Tier 5 heavies 100 ammo capacity... with 300 alpha, this means you have 30,000 damage worth of shells available. What this means - you'll never even come close to running out of ammo, and you can afford to carry as many different shells as you wish. Great gun depression at 10 degrees Turret traverse of 26 degrees a second. Once again, considering the size and weight of the tank, it's actually pretty decent. It also means that when combined with the track traverse, you can move your gun at 50 degrees/second, meaning you can avoid being circled by most non-scout tanks. Surprisingly profitable tank, even when shooting a few Premium AP rounds a battle, it's relatively easy to make some money in the tank. Repairs aren't overly expensive either. Neutrals: The accuracy is .41... this isn't terrible (same as the T67), but isn't great either. You should be able to connect your shots so long as you let your gun aim in. Aiming time is 2.6 seconds... this is technically bad, but for such a hard-hitting gun, it's actually fairly decent. The armor is 75mm all around on the turret, and 75/70/70 on the hull. For a Tier 5, this is actually very good all around armor, but it's severely limited in purpose due to the tank's massive size. There are so many places the enemy can shoot you, no matter how well you angle, there will always be somewhere an enemy can penetrate. Not only this, the armor loses its effectiveness in higher Tier battles. Gun dispersion is... questionable. You will definitely need to take some time to aim your shells, but it's not bad enough to be considered a "Con". Cons: The ammo rack is very weak and prominent right in the side. It's actually surprisingly easy to get hit in the side & ammo rack, which can be an annoying thing. Don't over-angle during side-scraping, and if you need to take a penetrating hit, do so frontally. The tank is huge. Absolutely huge. There is very little cover which will actually hide the entirety of your tank from the enemy. It's very easy for smaller tanks to hug up right against your side, and there's nothing you can do except move around. If there are multiple enemies near you and you don't have an ally to kill it, you're essentially dead; as the small tank will easily kill you one way or the other The tank loses a lot of effectiveness when fighting one of its own kind, or anything higher Tier. Not only is your armor worthless at those higher Tiers, but your gun simply isn't consistent enough to do damage to the enemy without having to load Premium AP, or shoot multiple times. Unlike higher Tier Japanese heavies, the O-I Experimental relies far more on mobility than armor. If your driver or engine are knocked out and you can't put them back into action, you're a sitting duck with minimal further usage in the battle. Ridiculously expensive top engine... 27,500 XP? Really? That's more than it takes to research the Tier 6 O-I! Sadly, you have to research the engine... even though you could in theory skip it, it's not in your best interest to do so... it's the exact same engine which will be used on every Japanese heavy tank all the way up to Tier 9 (inclusively). Very annoying to have to grind it before getting the O-I. You could do the grind on the O-I, but the O-I's lack of mobility will really make you suffer without the upgraded engine (even though it's not all that much better with the engine). Two radio operators... not only does that mean you'll have to train a new one to begin the line, but you'll also have no usage for them beyond the Tier 8... the Tier 9 and 10 have two loaders instead. Have fun with that extra R/O. Maybe you could strap him/her to the front of your tank as extra armor once (s)he gets knocked out? Annoyingly vulnerable to HE... due to its relatively thin armor for the size, it's actually very easy to wreck with howitzers, arty and even regular HE shells. Considering the tank is already a giant arty and howitzer magnet... good luck with that. No camo value due to the massive size... which is a double whammy, since you're not only too large to have any camo, but you're too large to find any useful cover in many cases. Horrendously low Radio Range at 425m with the upgraded radio... the stock radios are so bad, that the Radio actually is a fairly important module for you to research. Even the upgraded radio isn't any better than a Tier 2's... on larger maps, allies and enemies alike may very well disappear off of your screen & mini-map. Very slow shell travel time, at only 640m/s with both AP shells, and 620m/s with the HE. Sniping at anything will be exceptionally difficult with this gun, let alone at moving targets. Equipment: Personally, I mount Rammer, Gun Laying Drive & Super Heavy Spall Liner on the O-I Experimental. Other equipment can be used depending on your playstyle, although I feel as though this particular lineup will give your O-I Experimental the most reliability. Recommended: Rammer: If you can mount a rammer, you should. It's a given for any tank; reloading 10% faster gives you an edge over the enemy at all times. Plus, increasing your DPM from "decent" to "good" is always nice. Gun Laying Drive: 2.6 second aiming time is already somewhat derpy as it is, but combining it with mediocre .41 accuracy and mediocre gun handling, you'll really want to do something to improve the aiming time of that gun. Super Heavy Spall Liner: When your tank is a giant arty, howtizer and HE magnet in general, you may want to invest in a Super Heavy Spall Liner. My O-I Experimental already takes far too much damage from HE shells with the SH Spall Liner... considering it cuts the HE damage in half, I can't imagine how bad it would be without it. Also, having 50% protection to your crew from injuries is always nice. This tank really can't afford to lose any crew other than the radio operators. Optional: Improved Ventilation Class 3: A 5% boost to your crew is a very nice addition, and actually would be a very nice edge to give to the O-I Experimental. If you feel as though your aiming time is fine as it is without a GLD, or perhaps your O-I Experimental doesn't get hit by much HE, then you could easily replace one of those two pieces of equipment with Improved Ventilation. Toolbox: When getting hit by so many HE shells, you will lose your tracks very often. Your tank actually has the mobility to relocate if necessary however, so getting those tracks back into action quickly is very important. If you're fine with your aiming time, replace the GLD with a Toolbox. I wouldn't replace the Super Heavy Spall Liner, since the reason for the necessity of a Toolbox are the HE shells which are hitting your tank... removing the SH SP would only make you more vulnerable to them, which would only further increase the issue. Ammo: My ammo layout on the O-I Experimental is 80 AP, 20 Premium AP. What should you load on the O-I Experimental? Anything, really anything. You could go 33 AP, 33 Prem AP and 33 HE and still have more than enough ammo to not even run out of regular AP in the battle. Load whatever you want, you have so much ammo for such a slowish firing gun, that ammo is not an issue, ever. Now, how many Premium rounds do you need? Actually not that many - having a few loaded for Tier 7's will come in handy however... and against the Tier 6 O-I. Consumables: For Consumables on the O-I Experimental, I (would) use a Small First Aid Kit, a Small Repair Kit and Origini (I actually run an Auto Extinguisher over Origini, since it's far cheaper and I'm trying to save Credits... but if you have the Credits, use the Origini... this tank doesn't get set on fire at all) Small First Aid Kit: Standard with almost (113 being an exception) any tank. Since the crew on this tank is exceptionally important, you will want to put them back into action whenever they die (unless it's a radio operator). Small Repair Kit: Once again, fairly standard. Your ammo rack is the second most common module for your tank to lose (second to the tracks), so it's important to keep a repair kit available for that rack. Your tank will become garbage if you lose the rack. Origini: The 10% boost, combined with Vents, is very useful. It's just the extra edge you need to make up for the mediocre gun stats. Do you absolutely need it? Not at all... however, if you don't use Origini, you're far more likely to need an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. Gun: The O-I Experimental's primary gun is a 100mm cannon. If you're considering using a different gun, extract the thought from your mind and discard it. The 100mm is really the only gun which allows this tank to be a prominent force on the battlefield. However, this gun is... interesting. This is also the gun you're (likely) going to want to use on the Tier 6 O-I, however, the characteristics on the O-I Experimental's 100mm are actually almost entirely better than the Tier 6 O-I's gun (aside from a significant difference in penetration). Here's a comparison of the 100mm on the O-I Experimental (Left side, Tier 5) and the O-I (Right side, Tier 6). The blue number is superior, a green number is a tied value. Rate of Fire: 6.19 (5.41) Aiming time: 2.6 (3.2) Accuracy: .41 (.43) DPM: 1,857/2228.4 (1623/1947.6) Penetration: 130/150/53 (175/201/53) Damage: 300/300/360 (300/300/360) Shell Velocity: 640/640/620 (720/720/665) Ammo capacity: 100 (100) The verdict? Enjoy the gun whilst you have it on the Tier 5, because it goes to crap at Tier 6. The penetration and shell velocity significantly increase however, which helps maintain the gun as a viable choice. 10 cm Cannon Type 14: The 10cm Cannon Type 14 is the name of the upgraded gun on the O-I Experimental. It has very high penetration and alpha, decent DPM and mediocre gun handling stats. It's definitely a peek-a-boom gun / tanks; poke around a corner against a single enemy, put 300 damage into him and pull back. Don't stick around the corner for too long, and definitely don't take longer ranged shots. Shoot whats in front of you, and help your allies focus down tanks. Trade with low damage guns, don't take multiple hits. Use the gun depression and height to get shots at enemies over ridges which normally tanks couldn't shoot over. How to play it: Really, this tank is actually fairly simple to play. Peek-a-boom against low alpha tanks, provide support fire during enemy's reloads against higher Tier targets. Try to avoid taking hits, and take nice meaty chunks out of the enemy without taking any return fire. If the opportunity arises in a one vs. one scenario, you can afford to put a shell into the enemy, ram it at full speed, put another shell in and finish it all off with another ram. At Tier 5, a 102 ton tank going at 40km/h will wreck anything it collides with. Use that to your advantage. If there are lower Tier tanks shooting you, in general you can (and should) ignore them if there are larger threats around. Lower Tiers can't really penetrate you so long as you implement rudimentary angling. Prioritize opponents with high alpha damage if it's a peek-a-boom scenario. However, if there are tanks with high DPM around, you must avoid pushing into them; rather focus them down with more peek-a-booming. A Churchill III for example, is more than capable of tearing apart your tank without even fully aiming. Your tank is so large, and has such marginal armor at the Tier, that high DPM tanks will shred through you if your'e out in the open. Also, try to find as large of a chunk of cover as possible to peek-a-boom from. You are a massive target, and it is exceptionally easy for arty to kill you. If there is a howitzer trying to shoot you, avoid side-scraping against it, it will damage you long before you come close to getting a shot at it. Your tank in general is vulnerable to HE, and to DPM. Ultimately, you want to peek-a-boom against low alpha guns, or shoot enemies during their reloads. Close range engagements only, don't get caught in the open, and especially stick with allies since you simply don't have the armor to do things alone. Comparison to same-Tier Heavy Tanks: Mobility: Superior. I will never understand what WG was thinking when they introduced a 102 ton tank which is faster than almost every other Tier 5 heavy (Only KV-1S is faster). 40km/h top speed, 24 degree/second traverse, and even a 12 HP/ton ratio. Yeah... it's surprisingly mobile. Alpha damage: Best in class. 300 alpha damage is more than any other Tier 5 heavy has, aside from the howitzers, which tend to have low penetration and inconsistent HE. It's a very hard-hitting gun for its Tier, and can two-shot most Tier 5 tanks with ease. Armor: Good. The armor is 75mm all around on the turret, and 75/70/70 on the hull. This is one of the better all-around armors of the Tier 5 heavies. However, the tank is so large with so many strange angles on it, it's actually much easier to penetrate it than you would think. No matter how you angle, there's always a flat portion for the enemies to shoot, and even if you think you're in cover, part of your tank could easily be sticking out. 75mm really isn't anything impressive. HP: Best in class. 700 HP is tied for the best HP at Tier 5, which means you can definitely take a few hits. Penetration: Decent. 130/150/53 pen doesn't seem bad at all for a Tier 5, and it reallly isn't. However, in comparison to other Tier 5 heavies, you're lacking pen one way or the other; either in terms of standard ammo (as against the BDR or VK) or in Premium ammo (T1 Heavy). It's still good penetration though, and you should easily be able to get through higher Tier opponents if you aim well, and even T29 hulls aren't too hard to pen with the Prem ammo. View Range: Best in class. 360mm of View Range is the best value of all of the Tier 5 heavies (I think). You can actually see what is shooting you for the most part, unlike something such as a KV-1. The problem is that you have no camo to speak of, and are a massive target. If you can see the enemy, expect them to be able to see you. Camo Value: Worst in class. What camo? There is no camo. The camouflage patterns on the tank may be pretty, but they certainly won't do you any good. You have no camo values to speak of on the O-I Experimental. Accuracy: Bad. .41 accuracy isn't too horrible, but it's definitely worse than everything else at Tier 5. Aiming Speed: Very bad. 2.6 second aiming time is one of the worst at Tier 5 other than from the howitzers. It's not the end of the world, but it certainly could be better. Shell Velocity: Worst in class. 620m/s shell velocity is one of the worst values you can find in the game from non-howitzer shells. It's truly underwhelming, and makes sniping even more difficult than it already was with the sub-par gun handling stats. Battle effectiveness: Good. The tank can definitely do its fair share in a battle, especially when top Tier. 300 alpha on a Tier 5 vehicle is absolutely incredible, and the ramming potential on the tank is also very nice to have. However, with unreliable armor, no camo, a tank which is larger than an E-100 and a reload of over 8 seconds, it actually can be hard to do as much as you may want to. When Top Tier, the tank wrecks everything. Mid Tier, its decent. Bottom Tier, it really begins to struggle. Peek-a-booming at any Tier sometimes makes the tank feel overpowered, until the moment you get hit by an HE shell, or are caught out by a DPM tank, or face anything with similar alpha. When you are alone, if you have to fight multiple targets at once, you will have a hard time. Unless you can get back into cover after each shot, without taking more than 100 damage in return, you will begin to wish you were in a different tank. Very often in battle, it works well for a while, and then just falls apart. It's not a bad tank at all, and could arguable be OP in some situations especially when Top Tier, but anything outside of its comfort zone of peek-a-booming is really a balancing factor for the vehicle. Overall Rating: 7.5/10 (Very Good) As tempting as it is for me to give this tank a lower rating, if I want to give it an un-biased review, I'd have to give it a 7.5. Having that kind of gun on a Tier 5 heavy is ridiculous, and more ramming potential than a KV-5 is very convenient. As a Tier 5 tank, it's a pretty good choice. At the end of the battle, you shouldn't have any trouble doing 1k damage or more with minimal effort, which is really good for a Tier 5. The largest issues with this tank arise from its inconsistencies. Outside of peek-a-booming, you begin to struggle a bit. Against a DPM tank, you're dead. Against HE shells, you will be crippled easily. On maps with minimal large solid cover, you will also struggle. The gun really makes it seem OP at times, but the tank lacks carry potential in far too many situations for it to be truly OP. It's really a situational tank. In a peek-a-boom scenario against low alpha guns, the tank wrecks face. Against DPM or HE, it really struggles. City maps are great for it, open maps not so much. Hills are very nice to have to put your gun depression to use, and sometimes the top speed coming down the other side to ram, although flat ground tends to put those features to waste. Good tank? Sure. OP? Not really. Consistent? Relatively, but there are times when it certainly falters. Thanks for reading! I hope this guide was helpful! I genuinely wish all of you the very best of luck and fun, both in real life and on the battlefield. (O-I Experimental says hello!)
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    nice to see someone else enjoyed that Music Mod also... love to see it again... errr .. hear it! Really appreciate this site and all the work to keep it up to date.... Thanks to all who make it so.
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    v4.1.7.1 (26-12-2014): - small fix playerspanel...
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    Dude, I just tired the vanilla, I failed like the noob i am! I am now an aslain fetishist! I need the sight, map, zoom and disable gunshake! Lol without them.... I am scrap! You Rock aslain!
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    ModXVM NA server sign in is now working. apparently it was on the WG end and has now been fixed. :-)
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    Hi mate , try to add them in a .zip archive , you'll be allowed to allowed that type :) Regards, BeGiN.
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