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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Download for World of Tanks Aslain's WoT ModPack v1.5.1.1 #03 (~148 MB) download link #1 [direct] download link #2 [direct] download link #3 [direct] download link #4 [direct] (link #4 is without adult mods) download link #5 [direct] download link #6 [direct] how to download with adfly SHA-256 (link #1-3): 5170a0225a8e473daa2b6f1fbc5e0a1d9df171f8acf08585b2a9d6872966b951 SHA-256 (link #4): 1377fe33207e631b3983f68b8fd78ac1a2fcf503c7de3c347ca52cc470b0fbb5 XVM with my config only download link [direct] You may use following tools to support modpack developement and efforts, posted them as requested by users: or donate: Changelog
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    Aslain.com is powered by ...support us today and get a professional Quality game server from BlackBoxServers.net Downloads for World of Warships Aslain's WoWs ModPack v8.4.0 #06 (~115 MB) download link #1 [direct] download link #2 [direct] download link #3 [direct] download link #4 [direct] how to download with adfly SHA256: adb38f649eae6cd2efa0ac9bd8be33b4e583f26ac66de3d33204209a08488e90 Installation: - select folder where is your WoWS installed - pick your mods and options, click next to finish - when you want to select different mods, launch the installer again Uninstalling: - use uninstalling feature from windows system - if you still cannot start your game, perform this action http://tinyurl.com/z23lxng Modpack for World of Warships You may use following tools to support me, posted them as requested by users: or PayPal: Changelog:
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    FREE GAMES CODES> New codes just in: 7 Days to Die Dead Island Definitive Edition The Dwarves Hard Reset Redux HITMAN™: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (donator or fresh claim only) Hollow Knight Resident Evil Revelations Sniper Elite Sniper Elite V2 (Green is available Red is taken) Dungeons 3 Gremlins, Inc. Hidden Folks Old Man's Journey Overwatch (Need a Battle.net Account to claim Must be redeemed before December 31st) We Were Here Too Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition Figment Little Nightmares Zombie Night Terror The Escapists 2 Forged Battalion Kona Pathologic Classic HD The Surge Forts Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition + Titan Quest: Ragnarok DLC Serial Cleaner Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition + Titan Quest: Ragnarok DLC Fortune-499
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    v1.0.2.3 #04 (26-07-2018): - updated client language files - updated Hangar Clock & Calculator by AntonVK - updated Limpid Stickers - removed gun sounds Zorgane - removed YasenKrasen text extension - removed Info Panel OldSkool - removed Advanced Techtree - info: removed mods will return when their author's update them to today's micropatch - info: Due today's WG micropatch there might be one more modpack update today at evening - info: I'm on vacation abroad and I devote my free time to update the modpack, I hope you appreciate it;)
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    To temporarily "fix" the XVM battle results screen lockup: \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\xfw_packages\xvm_battleresults Rename both the json file and the python folder to have an underscore (_) at the beginning. This will make you use the WG normal battle-results screen with zero lockups/crashes.
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    Let's start with this: My modpack is officialy approved on wgmods.net which is Wargaming website, all mods on that page were checked by WG therefore you cannot be banned for using them, even if you think you were, it wasn't because of this modpack or mods from WG mods hub, it's only your wrong impression. I'm in direct contact with WG and I'm checking mods before adding them, to double secure it. If you think you was banned for my modpack you need to question yourself with these: have you shared your computer with anyone who can possible install things on your computer without your consent ? have you logged in the game not using your personal computer ? have you logged in the game using insecure networks ? have you shared your game account with friends or clan members ? have you installed 3rd party mods (from outside of my modpack) ? have you repeatedly played battles without active participation in them (afk, inactivity) ? have you installed applications that changes shaders or graphics in the game (Tundra, ReShade, SweetFX and similar) ? If any of that questions can be answered with YES, then you have your explanation why you received your ban. How to prevent yourself with next possible ban? The most people who blame my modpack thinks that they'll simply stop using it. Wrong! It's a false impression and will lead you to the next ban, because the real reason that got you banned is still there! If you will keep doing these things I mentioned earlier or keep the forbidden software installed, you will be banned again! You don't want to lose your account right? So think and think again, and stop doing these things! Never ever! Change your account password too... My modpack is secure like fort knox and cannot get you banned ! Contacting me about your ban or writing to me on my forums, chats or in any topics is pointless, because I cannot help you with removal of the ban, for this please contact WG support about it. Your ban is an indisputable fact and won't be commented by me. POLISH VERSION GERMAN VERSION FRENCH VERSION CZECH VERSION Thank you for your attention.
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    No worries, both codes on their way to your inbox. the codes as normal will just sit and do nothing if no one takes them.
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    v1.1.0.1 #00 (20-09-2018): - initial compatibility with WoT - updated XVM 7.7.3 - updated PMOD v1.35.3 - updated client language files - updated anti-mirror files - removed YasenKrasen Text extension
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    v1.5.1.1 #00 (15-06-2019): - initial compatibility with WoT - added contour icons: Pogs (2 variants) - updated few skins from Avalon - updated sights script - updated all mods by spoter - updated Awfultanker Session Stats - workaround fix for XVM
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    v1.5.0.0 #09 (10-05-2019): - updated XVM 7.9.0 [9038] [official]
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    v1.5.0.0 #00 (02-05-2019): - compatibility with WoT - updated XVM 7.9.0-dev [9003] (known bugs: battle loading window, battle results window, replays playback, errors in python.log) [USE AT OWN RISK!] - updated Change client language: EN, PL - updated Marks of Excellence Extended - updated Battle Observer 1.21.0 - updated Battle Assistant 2.2.1 - updated PMOD v1.40.0 - updated the anti-mirror files - updated Radio WG.FM - updated Crew Exp Extended - updated DamageLog Gambiter script - updated Real time in-Battle achivements - updated Auxilium - updated Hangman [CT] - updated crosshair script - updated Final Shot - updated Replays Manager - updated Autoaim Indication+ - updated ArtyLog - updated Safe Shot - updated Friends Marker Mod - updated Info Panel OldSkool - updated UT Announcer (by BudyX69 & OldSkool) - updated session stats: TimeSpent, YasenKrasen - updated minimap by ShuraBB - updated Skins on destroyed vehicles - updated Selected tank highlighter - updated Arty Projecticle Flight Time by OldSkool - updated Battle Results window by Ragnarocek - updated Colored ribbons [Riskynet's style] (by Ragnarocek) - updated Requesting fire marker regular and on the minimap (by Hawg) - updated Battle Results Sexy - updated SpotMessenger: OldSkoo - updated Repair Extendedl - updated Personal Reserve & Hangar Headers - updated poliroid and oldskool modslistapi - updated Battle Hits Viewer - updated Ping Spam Blocker by champi - updated Hangar: Minimalistic - updated FPS limiter - updated skins: KV-220-2 > KV-1 KwK 40 (Mirukii), Pz. I C > Sd. Kfz. 140/1, Hetzer > Swiss G13 (Mirukii), BT-7A > BT-42 (Mirukii) - updated contour icons: Aslain, Wizard, Witblitz, Qualan, J1mbo, Kryspin_CZ, Grandorf, XSerzHX, corehorn, Contrabass, Darker, Ashbane, Hawg, Mirukii, Riskynet (Ragnarocek), PogS, corecroft27, GolKosh, Jackhammer (Patejl352) - added skin leKPz M41 90 mm Skin (Mirukii), M60 Patton > M60A1 (Mirukii) - removed until they are updated: Change client language [RU,UA], Shimada_sama's gun sound, Battle Results window mods Anime, sounds Echoes of War (guns and engines), UT Announcer [male/female], Transparent Clan Logos, Modpack button in the hangar, Garbage seller, ATAC!, Autoaim extended, 15m circle mod, Tank Lights, Radial Menu, Hangar Clock & Calculator by AntonVK, Personal Missions Helper, Non-XVM hitlogs (in battle wn8), tech-tree mods, Info Panel Izeberg, More visible minimap coordinates, Crew Skill Informer, Hangar Armor Inspector, Vehicle Exp Extended, contour icons: Man1aq, DEbranded, Prudenter, Ghostman, Nikodemsky, LegionLost, Webium, Advanced tips for skills [PL], Aiming timer, Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers) - removed permanently due to recent Fair Play Policy update: Minimap Tankview Directions, Direction indicator to the closest enemy, Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle. - I'm removing that mods ahead, but they aren't fortidden yet, they will be starting from 1st June. I'm doing it for your own sake, so you won't install them by a mistake by renaming a folder or something, and so you can learn to play without them already now. - INFO: THERE WILL BE MOST LIKELY ONE MORE UPDATE TODAY ! v1.5.0.0 #00 (02-05-2019): - kompatybilność z WoT - akt. XVM 7.9.0-dev [9003] (znane błędy: ekran ładowania, ekran z rezultatami, UI podczas oglądania powtórek, błędy w logach pythona) [UŻYWAĆ NA WŁASNE RYZYKO!] - akt. pliki językowe klienta: EN, PL - akt. Odznaki Biegłości w Bitwie - akt. Battle Observer 1.21.0 - akt. Podświetlanie wybranego czołgu - akt. Skórki zniszczonych pojazdów - akt. Battle Assistant 2.2.1 - akt. PMOD v1.40.0 - akt. Crew Exp Extended - akt. Auxilium - akt. Odznaczenia na żywo w bitwie - akt. Autoaim Indication+ - akt. skryptu celowników - akt. damage log gambiter - akt. ArtyLog - akt. Hangman [CT] - akt. Safe Shot - akt. Ostatnie trafienia - akt. pliki do usuwania lustrzanego odbicia ikonek bez XVM - akt. Marker przyjaciół - akt. Menadżer Powtórek - akt. Info Panel OldSkool - akt. statystyki sesji TimeSpent - akt. UT Announcer (by BudyX69 & OldSkool) - akt. minimapki od ShuraBB - akt. Radio WG.FM - akt. Rezerwy osobiste i nagłówki w hangarze - akt. Okno z wynikami bitwy by Ragnarocek - akt. Ikonki pokolorowane klasą czołgu w stylu Riskynet (Ragnarocek) - akt. Marker prośby o wsparcie - zwykly i na minimapie (od Hawg) - akt. Okno z wynikami bitwy sexy - akt. Czas lotu pocisku arty (by OldSkool) - akt. poliroid i oldskool modslistapi - akt. Bloker pingowania od champi - akt. Otrzymane trafienia w bitwie - akt. Repair Extended - akt. SpotMessenger: OldSkool - akt. Hangar: Minimalistyczny - akt. Limiter FPS - akt. skórek: KV-220-2 > KV-1 KwK 40 (Mirukii), Pz. I C > Sd. Kfz. 140/1, Hetzer > Swiss G13 (Mirukii), BT-7A > BT-42 (Mirukii) - akt. ikonek konturów: Aslain, Wizard, Witblitz, Qualan, J1mbo, Kryspin_CZ, Grandorf, XSerzHX, corehorn, Contrabass, Darker, Ashbane, Mirukii, Hawg, Riskynet (Ragnarocek), PogS, GolKosh, Jackhammer (Patejl352) - dodano skórkę: leKPz M41 90 mm Skin (Mirukii), M60 Patton > M60A1 (Mirukii) - mody usunięte do czasu ich aktualizacji: pliki językowe klienta [RU,UA], Shimada_sama's gun sound, mody okna z wynikami bitwy Anime, dźwięki dział i silników: Echoes of War, UT Announcer [meski/zenski], Przeźroczyste loga klanów, Przycisk wielofunkcyjny w hangarze, Sprzedawca śmieci (Seller), ATAC!, Autoaim extended, 15m okrąg, Oświetlenie czołgów, Radial Menu, Kalkulator i zegar w garażu by AntonVK, Pomocnik Misji Osobistych, Hitlogi nieoparte na XVM (wn8 w bitwie), mody drzewka badań (kompaktowe itp), Info Panel Izeberg, Bardziej widoczne koordynaty minimapki, Informacja o perkach załogi w czasie bitwy, Hangar Armor Inspector, Vehicle Exp Extended, corecroft27, ikonki konutrów: Man1aq, DEbranded, Prudenter, Ghostman, Nikodemsky, LegionLost, Webium, Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky, Timer celowania, Znaczniki max. wychyłu działa - usunięto na stałe dla zgodności paczki ze zaktualizowanymi ostatnio zasadami fair play: Kierunek celowania czołgów na minimapie, Wskaźnik kierunku do najbliższego wroga, Kierunek do wyspotowanego pojazdu na celowniku. - Mody będą będą zabronione od 1 Czerwca, ale usuwam je już teraz aby ktoś przypadkiem sobie ich nie zainstalował w przyszłości poprzez zmianę nazwy folderów przy okazji wyjścia nowej wersji gry, oraz abyście mogli już teraz nauczyć grać bez nich. - INFO: MOŻNA SIĘ SPODZIEWAĆ KOLEJNEJ AKTUALIZACJI JESZCZE DZISIAJ !
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    v.8.0.0 #01 (31-01-2019): - added side paneles Hakabase - added Better compact carousel - added contour icons: MajorRenegade - fixed Navigator and Side Panels - updated KanColle Kanmusu voice mod [JP]
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    v1.2.0.2 #00 (28-11-2018): - initial compatibility with WoT - updated XVM 7.7.7 - updated Change client language - updated session stats YasenKrasen - updated XVM debugPanel v1-v3 - updated installer languages: DE, FR, HU - updated Extended blacklist - updated PMOD v1.36.3 - updated PYmodsCore.wotmod - added skin: M4A1 Revalorisé > M-51 Super Sherman (Avalon) - added skin: Comet Mk. 2 "Impertinent" (Avalon) - removed temporary: anti-mirror files for non XVM contour icons - info: there might be one more modpack update tonite
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    v1.2.0.1 #16 (19-11-2018): - updated Marks of Excellence Extended [fixed ALT in non-random battles] - updated installer languages: CZ, FR - added crosshair: Devastator
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    code sent code sent code sent codes sent. hitman reserved so sending just dungeons and sniper (dungeons may not work)
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    code sent via private message code sent code sent hahaha free games can do that. yes both games great games. code links to steam on their way to your inbox. sent
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    Visit this website: https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/icons/ Click on Authorize, select your region and authorize your login then upload your icon.
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    v1.0.2.4 #00 (09-08-2018): - initial compatibility with WoT - updated XVM 7.6.10 - updated Info Panel Izeberg - updated client language files - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer, corecroft27, Jackhammer (Patejl352) - updated Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages - updated fps limiter - updated White death skins - updated damage log gambiter - updated Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers) - removed YasenKrasen Text extension, Advanced tips for skills [PL], Gnomefather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds (Zorgane), Battle Observer, Personal Missions Helper, Real time in-Battle achivements, Marks of Excellence Extended, UI Scale, Arty Log - next modpack update probably later today - I'm still on my vacations abroad, WG I dream of one vacations without to worry about yet another mod breaking game update durring summer time... Never happened yet... :/ - Report all problems on my forums
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    v1.0.2.3 #04 (26-07-2018): - akt. plików językowych klienta - akt. Kalkulator i zegar w garażu by AntonVK - akt. Limpid Stickers - usunięto dźwięki dział Zorgane - usunięto YasenKrasen Rozszerzenie tekstowe - usunięto Info Panel OldSkool - usunięto Rozbudowane drzewko badań - info: usunięte mody wrócą jak zostaną zaktualizowane dla dzisiejszego micropatcha - info: Możliwe że dzisiaj będzie jeszcze jedna aktualizacja paczki z powodu micropatcha od WG - info: Jestem na wakacjach za granicą i poświęcam wolny czas, aby aktualizować modpacka, mam nadzieję, że doceniacie to
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    IT LIVES! sorta.... Sights and most the original features up and running on They do not replace the the existing crosshairs. This just turns the alpha to 0 for most things and adds some new flash files to use instead. This was kinda quickly put together. There is lots of room for improvement. The crosshair circle is not there. Use what ever crosshair circle mod you like. The "arty" mode seems to mess things up. Stick to the standard strategic arty mode with these sights. Not all the options may work. It all lives on github with the full source. I most likely will not be able to maintain this in future releases unfortunately DOWNLOAD >>> MeltyElement v1.0.0-Beta <<< SHA-1: E578B589C79FEF84AF2B7806E568677F6408A01A >>>MeltyElement Fonts <<< Source: https://github.com/elementofprgress/MeltyElement_Sights  The armor panel lives on its own here:
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    "MeltyElement" Effective Armor Calculator & Crosshair Protractor Mod Many of us remember the effective armor calculator from the MeltyMap' s MathMod. For those who don't know what its all about, there is a quick run down under the spoiler. Effective Armor Basics: Description At first the old Armor Calculator went defunct back around ~8.8. Then my old mod went defunct at ....so it has been a while....again. This time it has be re-written to work with XVM/XFW's py_macros and integrates into your XVM config. Unlike previous version the effective armor in the Armor Panel is no longer dependent on a XML sheet of tank armor and angle values that are outdated and can no longer be easily updated. All armor values and armor angles are gathered dynamically and directly from the game. A collision check based on your turret/camera rotation and tank's hull height is done against your own tank which returns the armor's angle at that point. GitHub MeltyElement Armor Panel & Protractor PY_MACRO For installation, additional features, and more information check the readme - here I will only be able to maintain work on this until the end of June or so. With the mod being built on a feature of XVM it should be usable for the foreseeable future and not get the rug pulled out from underneath it like the switch from AS2 to AS3 did last time. Also thanks to XVM, no ActionScript to mess with. Hopefully that means its somewhat accessible and can be easily updated by anyone with decompiled WoT python files. Please, feel free to take the mod and run with it. It would be awesome if some of the original MeltyMap features could stick around for more then a patch or two. FLASH VERSION mod_MeltyElement_ArmorPanel v1.0.1 This is the original flash version of the mod updated and reworked for the actionscript changes. download mod_MeltyElement_ArmorPanel.7z and extract the mods folder to your World of Tanks directory. The XML/config is found at mods\configs\ElementArmorPanelSettings.xml Notes The armor angles in the MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml are in desperate need of updating. The type, left & right arcs(yaw limits), front & side(base armor) are completely irrelevant now and will be removed eventually. Only the arc, arc2, arc3 values are important now and need to be updated. However the old method of getting those values is no longer available due to the original Wot Tank Viewer no longer being maintained. If anyone knows of any alternative programs or methods to accurately measure angles, please let me know. (feels good to strike that out)
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    Yup, nothing I can do. I reported it on xvm devs forums, I hope they will do something about it.
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    Hello There! I am the creator of the Crook's World Modpack, and I wished to create this thread for anyone who has issues with my modpack, if you find skins which appear broken or missing, please let me know so I can fix it! My modpack contains over 300 ships skins which I have created, and it can be difficult sometimes for me to notice when things go awry for ships or specific parts of ships, so this would help me greatly. Note that I cannot garantee the latest ships added to the game will be skinned, I work everyday on skinning and I can sometimes barely manage to keep up with WG's production speed. Especially when new battleships and aircraft carriers are added, those take especially long time to skin for my level of quality. I will update/edit this thread every patch to list the ships that are not skinned, and their priority order that they are getting skinned. As to make it clear to you which ships simply don't have a skin yet. (versus ships that may be bugged on their missing skins)
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    Hello everyone! I've noticed a few things that many people often miss about Aslain's Mod Pack. In this Thread, I will discuss them in detail. I hope this is of some use! The topics that I will cover are: Basic Installation PSA Mixing Aslain's Mod Pack with other mod packs Files that Aslain's Mod Pack leaves behind in your Game Client. Partial Un-installation In-game Crashes and Freezes Other Information [basic Installation PSA] Whilst downloading Aslain's Mod Pack, there will not be a shortcut on the Desktop. If you are planning on using the same version of the installer in the future, go to your Downloads folder, and Create a Shortcut on your Desktop. This is also where you can access all versions of Aslain's Mod Pack that you have downloaded in the past. You may select the installer's language upon start-up. You may not change the language once you have gone past the Language pop-up. If you have selected the wrong language, turn off the installer, and turn it back on again. You will then be able to select the correct language. If Google Chrome says that Aslain's Mod Pack contains a virus, don't believe it! Google Chrome often sends off false alarms. Aslain's mod-pack is absolutely safe to use. If you cancel the installation of selected mods in the middle of the process, some traces of the modifications may remain. In order to remove these, simply go to your res_mods folder and delete them, or run a clean installation next time you download mods. [Mixing Aslain's Mod Pack with other mod packs] You can use multiple mod packs with your game client. In order to avoid conflicts, make sure that you're not installing the same mod twice, or installing an out-dated mod with a different mod pack. As long as you're installing different mods, and up-to-date mods, there should be no conflicts. You may notice that some other mod packs have similar lay-outs to Aslain's installer. Make sure that you read the buttons carefully. Some other mod pack authors use similar appearances, but may place certain buttons in different locations. Double check what you are pressing! This applies to Aslain's Mod Pack too! Other mod packs may or may not over-write mods that Aslain's Mod Pack has installed. Chances are, they will over-write and update your current mods. If this does not happen, un-install Aslain's Mod Pack, and remove any traces of it. [Files that Aslain's Mod Pack leaves behind in your Client] There are several different files that Aslain's Mod Pack will leave behind in your Client. The file names are: Aslains_Downloaded_FilesThis is where all of the archived Downloadable Content (DLC) files end up after you finish installing Aslain's Mod Pack. If you wish to remove Aslain's Mod Pack in the future, but keep one of these mods, simply drag the appropriate RAR file to your Desktop. _Aslains_InstallerThis is the text file that the Installer creates and leaves behind whilst installing your mods. This is essentially an event log of everything that the installer has done. _Aslains_Installer_CompListThis is a ReadMe file of all of the most recently installed mods and selected options. If for whatever reason Aslain's Mod Pack does not detect your most previously saved settings (usually due to a cache clearing), then this ReadMe file is where you can find exactly which mods and options you had selected. _Aslains_Installer_Options (Setup Information)This file also states which mods you had most recently installed. However, this is a file that Aslain's Mod Pack may read and use to pre-set these settings the next time you run a Custom Installation (if I am correct) _Aslains_Installer_Options (Text file)This is a Text File for Aslain's Installer. This file is not directly used by Aslain's Mod Pack, rather it's a remainder after an installation has been run. It's essentially a text file of the Setup information. unins001This is the un-installation wizard for Aslain's Mod Pack. Double click on it and follow the steps to remove Aslain's Mod Pack from your computer. You might also see a file called: IMPORTANT REGARDING THIS VERSIONThis file is left behind by GnomeFather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds Mod. Since GnomeFather's Mod is part of DLC, Aslain's Installer uses all of the files that GnomeFarther left behind in his mod, including the Read Me file. Deleting it will have absolutely no effect on your computer. [Partial Un-installation] If you want to un-install only some of the mods within Aslain's Mod Pack, you have two options. Manually look through your res_mods folder and remove the un-wanted modifications Run Aslain's Mod Pack again, except de-selcect all of the mods that you do not want. Make sure that your desired mods are still selected, and then run a Clean Installation. This will remove the un-wanted mods, and will re-install the mods that you want to keep. [in-Game Crashes and Freezes] If you are experience crashes and/or freezes in-game, there is most likely a conflict with some of the mods that you have installed. For example, if you install several different sound mods of the same type, an internal conflict error may occur and cause your game to crash. The sound mods are most likely responsible for any freezing that you will experience; especially GnomeFather's Sound Mod. Whilst known as a great mod, it is notorious for causing a screen-freeze for a few seconds whenever multiple tanks are spotted in the beginning of the battle. If your game begins crashing, this is either caused by a mod conflict (perhaps a sound mod conflict, or a conflict with other mods you had previously installed, or your computer may have ran out of memory. If you heavily mod your Game Client, and put a lot of stress on your processor, your game (whilst uncommon) may crash. Sound mods and lighting mods usually are the causes of these kinds of crashes. [Other Information] If you are experiencing a problem with Aslain's Mod Pack, you should first try a Clean installation, as well as clear your World of Tanks and Installer Cache files. If this does not work, upload your CompList and Installer Text File, and someone may be able to help resolve your issue. If you have pinned Aslain's European Forum Thread for download convenience, you should consider pinning Aslain.com instead, since Aslain has moved his download link here. If I made any errors or missed something, please let me know; and I will fix it immediately!
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    Yup, minor issue inside sweden-tree.xml but super easy to fix, changing row 6>7. mod_techtree.wotmod
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    v.8.3.1 #12 (18-05-2019): - added Azur Lane voices [JP] - added detection icons: BattleWave (by Battleframe) - updated Detailed Damage Meter - updated movetree (internal script for installation) - updated Return commander to his ship - updated clan icons - fixed Assistant mod installation (was causing dead ships issues on side panels) - info: it won't be possible to install the modpack on incompatible game version now
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    v1.5.0.2 #00 (16-05-2019): - initial compatibility with WoT - updated XVM 7.9.2-dev [9067] - updated Default XVM hitlog for Frontline battles - updated contour icons: PogS, Aslain, Wizard, Witblitz, Qualan, J1mbo, Kryspin_CZ, Grandorf, XSerzHX, corehorn, Contrabass, Darker, Ashbane, Webium, Legionlost, Debranded - updated the anti-mirror files - updated Change client language - removed temporary: YasenKrasen Text extension and Graphical Messages
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    v1.5.0.0 #10b (11-05-2019): - updated debug panel ball by Ragnarocek - updated Shell Info - updated In-battle statistics by RaJCeL - updated Friends Notifier - updated Battle Hits Viewer (with english translation added to few client languages) - updated Battle Observer - updated The Second World War. Day after day (engines) - updated Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver - updated the anti-mirror files (for today's micropatch) - updated OTM by Solo - added contour icons: Webium, Nikodemsky - added Session Statistics Ragnarocek [EN,CZ,PL,RU] - added Safe Shot wgmods - added Voices from the Polish movies (by lazarekt3485) - replaced Reload Messenger with Reload notification in chat (by wgmods) - reworked Safe Shot and Repair sections [select your mods again]
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    v1.5.0.0 #04 (04-05-2019): - re-packed Class colored icons (by Ghostman101278) - added Modpack button in the hangar - added Gnomefather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds (Zorgane) - added 15m circle mod - added Garbage seller - added Hangar: Customization - added Camo Selector [random camo on all tanks etc.] - added contour icons Ghostman101278 to the anti-mirror - updated XVM 7.9.0-dev [9019] [fixed carousel scale, fixed battle results window, battle loading - still bugged] - updated Spotted Extended - updated WoT Tweaker Plus - updated Hangar Free Camera - updated Battle Results window by Ragnarocek - updated crosshair: Standard+, J1mbo, White, Taipan2, Zayaz [i.a fixed reload counter] - Info: the other crosshairs will be updated later, when update is available [to fix reload counters]
  30. 2 points
    v.8.3.1 #06 (29-04-2019): - added Crooks World - added flag mods by MajorRenegade - updated Camouflage Manager - fixed installation of contour icons Azur Lane
  31. 2 points
    Of course it doesn't return consumables, since you are not switching tank in the garage. It's not "fixable", and removing it just because of Frontlines, when it works fine for everything else, would be rather dumb. XVM doesn't have a consumables option. And why even use it for consumables? I can understand expensive things like equipment and camo, but not cheap consumables, when you can stock up when they're on sale, and sell them in case you end up needing credits without a loss. (10k price on sale, 10k sale value when not on sale.. so no loss) Removing mods that aren't compatible with Frontlines, means that there's no modpack left, lol.. nothing really work in Frontlines.
  32. 2 points
    I'm far from a training expert, but since the Matilda BP is your only trainer, it might help for you to look first at the Black Prince wiki page. Of special interest to you is down in the Performance section. Here's a quote that will sort of set the stage for everything else that you do: "Besides the tier IV Matilda, the MBP is not great for training British medium tank crews, as its playstyle is very different. The lack of a radio operator position further diminishes its effectiveness as a crew trainer. Its crew layout is only compatible with high tier British medium tanks like the Centurion Mk. I. However, the loader will be unable to use radio operator skills." That's a bit of bad news, but not unexpected with the BP. For me, I have a decent time in the base Matilda. Teleport me a tier higher into the BP and suddenly I'm outclassed by everyone. But then, it may fit your playstyle so if you enjoy it by all means wear it out! HOWEVER, the only other medium you can comfortably move back and forth to from the BP is the Matilda, at least in my experience, so by all means leverage up to one of those! If you want to keep the BP, become a Matilda guru. Train yourself to bleed at 22kph. You will rapidly gain crew XP and you'll end up having fun. But if you want maximum training, then you need a better trainer. There's just no other way of putting it. And unfortunately, the ideal setup is a light, medium, heavy, td, and arty trainer in every tree you play. Of course some trees don't even have some of those classes...but you get where I'm going. Whatever class of tank you play, in whatever tree, in the perfect world you'll have an equivalent trainer for it. If you're not scared to spend gold you can find a trainer that's fun for you and no matter what class it is you can retrain the crew you've developed to another class, but it's a pretty wasteful tactic. I can say that because I've screwed up and done it before. Oh, well... Evaluate the class of tank you enjoy the most, and think about buying another premium. It's annoying, but right now it seems that Russian tanks are the defacto best because of bias, so unless you've just vowed to not play them, get one. You'll train faster. My advice on WHAT to train the crew in is usually pretty simple, remembering that every tank you own needs sixth sense above all else...however there are conditions. If it's a light tank that I can zip around in or a passive spotter or a sniper, go for camo first UNLESS you like aggressive flanking. Camo won't help you a whole lot when you're in someone's face. For flanking I train my driver in smooth ride and my gunner in snap shot with the others going camo. Once the commander trains to 100%, you can reset his skill toward sixth sense, but notice that unless you use gold the best you will change him over to at that point is 97% by spending 20,000 credits. You then have to maybe dump 3% worth of free XP on him to finish sixth sense out, OR you could play him to 103% to start with, then when you spend the 20,000 he'll end up at 100%. My move at that point is to immediately reset the rest of the crew for BIA, then start training them again in their respective skills, and assign BIA to the commander for training. I'm sure that's not what others do ever, but it works for me. By the time I've reached that first skill, I know the tank well enough to compensate for the lack of camo or whatever without being uncomfortable during the BIA period. After I've gotten sixth sense and BIA, I don't strain. Nothing after that will totally make or break me anyway. My mediums get pretty much the same skill breakdown with only a few exceptions, Matilda being one of them since it's slow. She got full camo first, sixth sense, and then skills that would maximize view range so I could snipe without being seen better since I couldn't really run. But do remember that hard cover and bushes always trump your camo level because it's a rare tank that keeps much camo at all after firing. Heavies, forget camo. You're doomed there anyway. The gospel is to go for repairs first, then sixth sense, and maybe situational awareness and recon to help most heavies' terrible view range. Yes, I know you aren't going to snipe in a heavy (or you shouldn't), but the further out the view range goes the quicker you will see camoed targets. It's like your increased view range simultaneously decreases their camo factor. For peek-a-boom I do like the snap shot and smooth ride on soft heavies like the US T5, since I'll try to not be too up close. For brawlers like a lot of well-armored Russian heavies I'm more about protecting my ammo and firefighting. TD's...refer to what I said about sniping. Arty...I've always hated arty, but I won a Lefty in a loot box at Christmas, so I gave it a try. Meh. At least now I might finish some missions, but I don't care for it. You have to go into arty games knowing that you're going to get killed. I don't like that. But...view range and camo. And duh, sixth sense. If you're devoted to the Brit lines, then you'll be good with the BP once you get up to the Centurion. But that's a day or two away. In the meantime, think about what I've said. And I'm glad to answer any questions I'm able to. Peace.
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    v1.4.0.1 #03 (13-02-2019): - updated all mods by spoter - updated Battle Observer - updated Autoaim Indication+ - applied a change that should help with slow download - known issue: when you install the minimalistic hangar with Battle Observer your strategical crosshair will get bugged after few battles (missing the most of aim circle dots) - info: problem with unmounted consumables in Frontline is caused by auto-equip consumables mod - info: not all mods will work properly in the Frontline
  34. 2 points
  35. 2 points
    Yeah i can confirm this too but it is an easy fix just a case of renaming the files and adding coipies (or atleast it worked for me), this is what I did and seemed to work: trail_aura_high.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Bubble.dds trail_aura_high_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Bubble_en.dds trail_aura_low.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_DPS.dds trail_aura_low_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_DPS_en.dds Trail_Aura_Medium.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_NonPrior_DPS.dds trail_aura_medium_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_NonPrior_DPS_en.dds Then add copies and rename of Trail_Aura_Bubble.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_NonPrior_Bubble.dds Trail_Aura_Bubble_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_NonPrior_Bubble_en.dds Trail_Aura_DPS.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Prior_Bubble Trail_Aura_DPS_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Prior_Bubble_en Trail_Aura_NonPrior_DPS.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Prior_DPS Trail_Aura_NonPrior_DPS_en.dds ---------> Trail_Aura_Prior_DPS_en.dds Now it may not be perfect but works out ok for me so try that till it gets updated properly I have added my fix for the green contrails which is what i use i hope that helps you out green_contrails_fix.zip
  36. 2 points
    v.8.0.0 #00 (30-01-2019): - compatibility with WoWs - updated Helpme - updated mxstat - updated Gun calibers in inches - updated Regen Assistant - updated Info Panel - updated Secondary Armament Status - updated Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements (Avalon) - updated Compressed textures - updated semi-transparent minimap by AutoSpy - updated clan icons - updated Region Changer - updated Extended Tech Tree - updated Side Panels by AutoSpy - updated Improved Chat v3 - updated Advanced HP bar indicator - updated Movable ship parameters panel - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen - updated Pan-Asian flag replaced with Taiwan flag - updated Historical Proportions flags - updated contour icons: pold77 - updated Sea simulation - updated Over Target Markers by BADoBEST - updated Chilled Special Camos - updated Zeiss camera (+ removed outdated options) - updated Full Packages: ARP by Hakabase, Pravda Team, Garfield, Azur Lane Enchant - updated Ship Name Romanization with lady commander name - removed: flags and contour icons by MajorRenegade, Casters Mod, Battle GUI customization, Session Stats, all crosshairs, Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Inferface by Sea Group, YAZOM, Return commander to his ship, Better compact carousel, Side Panels Hakabase - known issues: ship win rate in black colors (barley visible)
  37. 2 points
    Official maps Nowhere Riposte Islands Archipelago Canada Sea hope Desert Northern Winter Download [All in one]: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gf1sld82nsqyan7/UnReal_Maps.zip/file
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    haha the giveaways are things like fanatical packs that i buy for 1 or 2 games and it leaves many games i have or do not want. Also Humble bundle monthly (the primary title for November was hitman first season, December was metal gear solid 5 which i gave to a friend, January is just cause 3 xxl, wizard of legend and project cars 2 (i own JC3 XXl already and have 100% completed it awesome game but 4 is a bag of crap. in that in jan there will also be another 7 or 8 games that are still hidden (i wont see that till i get it in january.) hence every few months the games that are left over I post on here for free, otherwise they would just be let to disappear into the digital dustbin. I will be posting a new list In January. i have sent you the gift links for the above 4 games.
  41. 2 points
    They will unlikely come back, I dont know if protanki still creating own mod, but pavel3333 version (trial and full paid version) contains adware and I will not add it for sure.
  42. 2 points
    Experimental Sky dream Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cwm3kriq5s1cojt/UnReal_Sky_Dream.zip/file Dune sea Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/su71s09tiu8rpdk/UnReal_Dune_Sea.zip/file Installation Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d04ttdaavi1rvto/UnReal_Installation.zip/file Spacy Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7kspl6cdkmwzj8e/UnReal_Spacy.zip/file Frozen zone Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7a86u43j86mzrsd/UnReal_Frozen_Zone.zip/file Deep zea Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bcj0vzlb9odeywk/UnReal_Deep_Zea.zip/file
  43. 2 points
    sending the codes now fresh copy of Hitman first season available. Donator or someone who has not claimed a game yet (to make it fair for everyone.)
  44. 2 points
    You can enable so they are visible only on L.ALT, not 100% hide. For better "removal" you will have to take few seconds and manually edit playersPanel.xc search for: "hpBarBg": { "hotKeyCode": 56, ... "hpBar": { "hotKeyCode": 56, ... "hp": { "hotKeyCode": 56, ... option A: for each of them replace hotKeyCode (default 56=Lalt) to something less useful, for example 73 (Numpad9) option B: for each of them add "enabled":false, at the beginning of the bracket (with 1space in front) "hpBarBg": { "enabled": false, "hotKeyCode": ... "hpBar": { "enabled": false, "hotKeyCode": ... "hp": { "enabled": false, "hotKeyCode": ... ps. wait for modpack to get update for today micro patch (at least xvm)
  45. 2 points
    v.7.10.1 #01 (02-11-2018): - updated Side Panel: AutoSpy - updated HelpMe - updated mxStat - updated clan icons
  46. 2 points
    @Toxophilite try to replace res_mods\\gui\flash\ScoreTimer.swf with file from attachment, it should work for all languages for now. ScoreTimer.swf
  47. 2 points
    Hi. It's probably because of differences in "hold reward" string format. For most european laguages it looks like "+3 every 5 seconds" (you can find it on first tab of loading screen, see screenshot). If you could send me your variant of this string (in text to copy-paste), i'll try to make fix for Korean language.
  48. 2 points
    It's working if you install it with Hangman, then select Mhmh from hangman menu.
  49. 2 points
    No, its calculated wn8 over the number of battles in session, the same way how its calculated overall wn8 for all battles per single account. For example: If you just started to use the session statistics mod with 0 battles at account and played some amount of battles. The session at mod would be your all battles at account. In that case the mod would show the calculated overall wn8 for all battles at account correctly.
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    Are you aware it's not my fault? You may stop donating WG if you want to punish someone It's their soccer event caused this.
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