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New Years Presents

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When you earn in game New Years Presents no boxes so up,  if you buy New Years Presents then the boxes show up.  It started today when I downloaded the most recent Aslain's update.  Yesterday I got the New Years Presents but today have not gotten any.  In the post game results it shows that you should have gotten some New Years Presents but none show up.  Just wondering if there could be a mod that is causing a conflict.  Thanks


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18 hours ago, Quaksen said:

Because you selected:                Automaticaly open the boxes from random battles and doesn't show "new box award" window

I have looked and looked and looked in both the modpack installer settings as well as the client settings and I haven't found where I can select to Auto Open Boxes.  And yes, I have had my coffees....but maybe I am blind and can't read...not sure.

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