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Translating WoT modpack / installer language files

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If there will be possible to see already translated items, this looks to be usable.

I guess translators will get used to this.


There is google translator, what can lead someones to use this as translation, which is not good. Someone already translated cz version by using this and translation is not clear. So maybe not to add this to the translated page. 

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That google translation there is just as helper, doesn't mean it has to be used, I will see if it can be disabled or restricted. It also doesn't stop someone from using google translate via browser and copy/paste it to the translation website.

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En 18/9/2020 a las 14:37, Aslain dijo:

Sure, here is latest english updated today: WoT_en_translation_1.10.0.2_02.ini


And current Spanish: WoT_es_translation.ini


Good afternoon Aslain, 


Here it's. How could we prove the INI file that I have done?


Note about work: 

The lines are in alphabetical order by KEY (es.name-key=).  I have programmed an app that adds the missing lines from the English INI into the Spanish INI before start to tanslate. So later translation work is easier. I have not removed the obsolete lines


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hace 9 minutos, Aslain dijo:

That app, is that something you can share? So the other translators may use? @Redraven59


Yes, I can prepare a version with params for langage origin and destiny, easy to use. Only copy in destiny the keys in prigin what not exists totally but with prefix change ( en. changue by es. or the configured prefix) .... 


Tomorrow sunday i'll prepare something to show you.

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