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Translating WoT modpack / installer language files

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If you would like to translate the modpack into a different language, please post in this topic. Do not send me private messages, DM messages, or emails. Everything must be posted in this topic and open to the public.


It would be appreciated if the translator could pay attention to installer updates. Otherwise, if the number of missing lines of component exceeds 40, I will disable the language until it's up to date again.


Here is the link to the latest language file for those who plan to create their own translation or fix any existing translation errors and mistakes.
The modpack installer is available in following languages:



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Localization file updated to v3.8.9

Link doesn't work. It gives

"Sorry, we couldn't find that!

Sorry, we could not locate the page you are requesting to view. Please click here to return to the community index"

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Added language_file_3.8.24.txt


I havent updated foreign languages yet, if they lag too much behind the english, I will temporary remove them, to fix missing strings.


I am not updating because of extended developement I introduced recently - I will try to when find time

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This is too much to me to trying to communicate with every translator, every each time I change or add a single thing. Also it's not helping when one translator is on skype, one on email, one on NA forum, one of EU forum.... and I must scan all these places and track replies and what not.....I don't know...


Wish I had at least 3 people per language, ready to work on it everytime I need to :) Yeah dream on... we shall see...

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Hey Aslain.


I know that you have the final word but in my case I "follow" this topic and receive a email with the new posts

this way I know when I have to translate a new file


it's easy


or a simple email says that a new file is up it's fast too


but this only work if we all swim in the same direction


just my 2 cents



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Added new strings:


en.ImagePreview=Press here for image preview
pl.ImagePreview=Naciśnij aby zobaczyć obraz
en.UnableCheck=I was unable to check for an update, I will continue with the installation of the current version:
pl.UnableCheck=Nie można było sprawdzić czy jest nowa wersja. Instalator będzie kontynuował instalacje obecnej wersji:
en.NewVersionAvailable=There is a newer installer available:
pl.NewVersionAvailable=Dostępna jest nowa wersja instalatora:
en.NewVersionAvailable2=, the current version is:
pl.NewVersionAvailable2=, aktualna wersja to:
en.NewVersionAvailable3=. Would you like to download it?
pl.NewVersionAvailable3=. Czy chcesz pobrać nową wersję?
en.SetupLoadINF= - Setup is running with ''/LOADINF'' paramater
pl.SetupLoadINF= - Uruchomiono z parametrem ''/LOADINF''
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