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download site is being blocked

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I don't know what server you are referring to as virus free but when you try downloading WoWS updates you suffer several phishing attempts and miss-directions.

I use Bitdefender Anti-virus and it is a good program.

Thanks for checking this out.

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Even though I don't splash around in the water in WoWS, I just downloaded the modpack using the first link and my Avira Anti Virus Pro didn't find anything suspicious.  Must be a false positive, but as Quaksen stated above, use the direct link if you have any issues with the main link.  But, be kind and remember Aslain gets a tiny amount of compensation from the main links.  This revenue is necessary to feed the modpack generator hamster...



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Don't misunderstand I am not bitchin about Aslain!! I'm a big fan.  I  did not try the "direct" links but all three standard links tried phishing.  This is the first time I have encountered this problem.   I was trying to alert him to what was happening to me.

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