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MalwareBytes Warning

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I have been downloading and using this since i started playing tonight i went to download the latest and I was stopped 8 times.  The website zip.....com and then Malware would stop the event.  


Is there issues with this ad thing you use. too many times i get software out of date shit and it gets old.   The way i had to get around it was to shutdowen my malware scanner and that i do not like to do. 


Any thoughts ideas?

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thats weird i used the direct download and didnt get any adfly links popping up it just went and downloaded the file to my chrome downloads destination. do a antivirus scan and MB scan make sure both are up to date to make sure no sneaky files got onto your pc somehow. i wouldnt add any adfly to exceptions because adfly stuff can be kinda shady sometimes. (not saying aslain does anything shady but those advertisers on adfly sometimes do.)

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I am aware of the direct link and have used it numerous times.  MalwareBytes must have increased its security even more since the last update.  It blocked all the download links.  So I added the exception "clearload.bid" once I did that I was able to work.  

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Not sure what "clearload.bid" is, but looked it up on the link added, might be worth looking into - but I would suggest a scan of your computer. If something is interfering with the direct links, it's something else on your computer.



Nothing should be blocking the direct links, since they're straight to the exe file, nothing in between at all.

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I stand corrected the direct link works perfectly. It was the link 1 thru 4 that Malware blocked.  My computer gets scanned everyday at 3am while i am alsepp for virus, bugs and other critters. I have since gone back in to Malware and removed that exclusion and using the direct link... thanks guys!



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