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Flags stopped working properly and large panel still has bug regarding empty rectangle

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It used to show EU flag only after relogging directly into battle due to crash or alt+f4 but now it seems to have stopped showing proper *client* flags altogether. Modpack #6


Also ZeesuS large panel shows empty rectangles for player ratings instead of filled like in medium or small panel. As suggested by Aslain I deleted xvm font from windows but it didn't help. Modpack all versions since including #6 Note that small and medium player panels show filled rectangle (altho it might be smaller one)



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Yeah, strange rectangles is always font conflict problem, everyone should uninstall XVM, XVMSYmbol, Dynamic fonts from system and restart pc. There are other modpacks that will install you that fonts back, so be aware when using something not from me.

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That's not the solution, more like a work around for those that don't mind seeing country flags people setup in xvm.


The way it had option before is you could see *client* language flags (xvm flags we would disable) which is much more interesting. But it seems either WG stopped it due to some phantom privacy concerns or xvm is bugged.

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Are you aware there are two different flag databases? One is based on language people set in client of the game and the other is based on xvm website. Are you aware of these two different flags they are not the same and client flags are much more accurate.


I don't think you see client flags i think you see xvm flags. If you aren't aware of this distinction then you have no clue what i'm talking about.


Edit: I just want to clear up do we understand each other about 2 different country flag databases before we can discuss whether that is solution or not.

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I understand you perfectly, but it is a solution. If you do not like it, bad luck for you, but for those who have the problem of seeing the European flag, I have solved the problem.
You have opened the thread, but there are people who only want to solve the icon of the European flag or have used the same thread to complain about it.
Good luck in yours



By the way, what you are looking for has never worked well, because with that option, I have Spanish companions in my clan, who come out as English, so do not trust your "more accurate" flags as much.
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I was already doing what you suggested before this flag issue happened. So I don't think that is solution to this issue. To confirm I reinstalled modpack.

Here is what you suggested (which I was already doing) and tell me if you do something differently:



As you can see "Remove country flags" is unchecked.




Show client flags are checked + ignore flags selected by users on the XVM website is checked.


And still EU flags instead of country flags.



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Did a workaround for empty rectangles in playerpanels so that i dont search for fonts anymore cause i cant fix it anymore it seems. Workaround is removing face='mono' from left and right large panel in PP\playersPanel_large.xc


"nickFormatLeft": "<font size='{{xvm-stat?13|0}}' color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>■</font> {{name%.15s~..}}<font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font>",




"nickFormatRight": "<font alpha='#A0'>{{clan}}</font>{{name%.15s~..}} <font size='{{xvm-stat?13|0}}' color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>■</font>",




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