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Hakabase panels and damge meters not showing in game #4

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1 hour ago, peppesbodega2 said:


Roslish sidepanel not showing up for me in #4. Actually have not worked since they were put back in #2.

Attached logs from #4, running wow on Steam. 


Damage meter is working for me after running "validating files" on the game.



Installed mods from your logs and I have everything. 



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Yeah, i just tried Hakabase v1. doesnt work


I uninstalled Aslain modpack

Played vanilla, standard sidepanel worked.

Installed Modpack with ONLY Roslich sidepanel. Does not work.

Added Clan icons EU (option under) to get a "complete checkmark"  for screen panels. Does not work.

Removed above mods and installed Hakabase v1. Does not work.

Removed Hakabase.

Installed Autospy panel with clan icons EU. VERY FUNNY. Autospy sidepanel showed up in Battle Loading screen. Looks like sidepanel shows in Battle loading screen instead of in match.

Send archive and file for this. Battle_elements does not exist.




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