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virus in mod

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5 minutes ago, wade_gaskins said:

Funny thing I never had any kind of issue/virus warning using the direct download link. Guess I have been lucky all these years of using the mods from here.

Not lucky, just using better software than Windows Defender most likely :grimace:

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4 hours ago, wade_gaskins said:

Funny thing I never had any kind of issue/virus warning using the direct download link. Guess I have been lucky all these years of using the mods from here.

it TOTALY DOESN'T MATTER if someone had no such issues before, seriously, it's not a factor. It's like Quaksen said. Various antivirs throws a false-positives from time to time and it's totaly normal too. They are simply using a heuristics which is known from a false-positives. Imagine it like you are having similar face to a thief, the police is searching for him and since your face is similar they will keep harrasing you nonstop or even try to lock you up ;) The installer has a new "face" with every update, and sometimes that face is matching a malware in av's definition database. So basicaly with every update of modpack the AV may stop thinking of it as a virus or trojan or whatever, but also with each modpack update it may start to throw a false-positives too. 

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I have had a lot of experience in removing viruses... And it was very common to see an *already (currently) infected* machine, download additional trojans by attaching to EXE files you may download, that are otherwise clean from the source, but become tainted by a current infection on the machine. It is also possible that if you do not have Windows Update/Java/Flash/Browser up-to-date but have a clean machine, various scripts on webpages and/or a compromised browser installation (addons with security holes too) often are used to attach to any downloaded EXEs as the primary method of initial infection. Which of course then opens up more security holes and makes way for more substantial infections. You can sometimes see that that behavior from that browser will go away once the cache is cleared, the browser is simply restarted clearing the RAM where a script can lurk, or the machine is rebooted (again, clearing RAM). And lastly, I strongly suggest staying far, far away from Google Chrome. It is the most actively targeted browser in terms of exploits and IMO does not deserve its popularity & widespread usage. Use Mozilla Firefox instead, and if you also decide to stick with Chrome as well, always install the UBlock addon so you can avoid alot of those malicious scripts and websites. Consider using a custom HOSTS file to further bolster the security of your machine (Stephen Black's is decent). That probably makes the biggest of impact in my experience, aside from staying on top of machine updates.

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2 hours ago, NewbieD said:

Same issue here. Download direct link 1/3 were both intercepted by Windows defender, stating a Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl virus.


Dunna if this a new feature or is the file actually corrupted

Merged with this topic, you posted in wrong one without even reading what it was about.

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