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Locks up at after-battle report

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Has happened twice tonight since I downloaded and installed version 1.  Seems to happen every second game.

When coming out of a game, it freezes up at the post-battle results screen with the Aslains logo.

Only way out is to close the game and reboot it.

Won't even allow you to screen shot it.

EDIT:  Happening even more often now.  Have rebooted the game after the freeze about 6 times now.

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I'm having same issue. v. was the last stable version that did not freeze.

I'm using the same mods from your pack I have been using reliably for some time now.


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Happening to me too. Stuck in "Updating Garage" loop after battle (first pic). Same problems as in modpack update v1.9.1.1_12 I posted about in other thread.

Also gets stuck upon loading into game (second pic)


Did Check and Repair in Game Center and still happening. Battle played with FV-304 both times, before and after Check and Repair done. Using Modpack v1.9.1.2 #02 installed using Deletion options recommended in Issues and Bug reporting guideline.


Zip file attached 


Game works fine after uninstalling modpack!




Game log in Updating Garage Loop Bug.PNG

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i have the same problem, tried wgcheck, no help, runs fine in safe mode (no mods)  one of the many aslain mods i use  may be causing it. do I have to install each one at a  time  and run the game to discover the problem or is there an easier way?

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I am just running the check and repair.  The problem didn't occur after every game.  Will let you know, once I start playing, if the problem persists.

EDIT:  When I first started the game after the "check and repair", it stalled upon the garage screen opening, as seen below.  I rebooted the game and got past that.



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so i'm having the same problem every single time when i win/lose game and becomes the last person being on the game. Meaning, if I stay in the game until the very end of it and not leave the game in the middle for whatever the reason is, I will stuck in the garage forever.

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I had the same issues yesterday and since it's a garage based bug, I tried re-installing the modpack with a garage-related mod less at time.

And it seems to me that the mod that is causing it is the Auxilium one that I use for camo switching between vehicles.


Do you guys having this bug are using this mod too?

If yes, try re-installing the modpack without it, and tell us if the bug is still there or not.

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