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Lost connections

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1 hour ago, Yazai said:

I tracked it down to a XVM Problem. I deinstalled whole game, did a new installation and then manually installed XVM only. And bang I lost connections.

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It could be that your firewall/anti-virus or something else local to your computer is blocking the connection to the internet when xvm tries to connect to get the data it needs (player wn8 etc).  I use XVM and don't have any problems.  If it were a problem with XVM itself, then there would be many, many reports about it.


It is probably something local in your case.  Test it by temporarily turning off your firewall and launching the game with xvm.  Then try the same with AV turned off.

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i have the same issue. From last weekend I cant play with Asslains Mod Pack. After startin the game I am one minute in garage and than the game show me the connection to the server is lost. I upgrated the Aslains Mod alredy 3 times and it is still the same. I made also the proceduer what is in Issue and Bug reporting (check and Repair I also played in Safe mod) and is still the same. I can play only withouth Aslains mod. THX for help.

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