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I found this worked for me using 0.9.8 mods (v4.4.4.) If your having probs do the following use v4.4.4. of Aslains mods do a clean install this will rename the folder to 0.9.8 in res_mods all u have to do to use the game is rename the 0.9.8 folder which Aslains mods will rename it to and rename the folder as everything will be up and running.  When  Aslain has done next version of mods 4.4.5 it should rename the folder to fun guys im off to bed

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thnx Aslain, it worked like a charm. ;) you're da man :D

" -...I see what you did there Wargaming asshat dev. I know what you re thinking. "Can he make it work?"
  - Well given Aslain's the name, you ve got to ask yourself one question. "Do i feel lucky?"
  - Well do ya? Punk?"


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all what you need to do is copy all from 0.9.8 to folder but for some people working on files is a big mystery m8 so aslain need to do make it as simple as possible for hundreds of thousands users of his modpack. Aslain is working on it and i believe he will get the solution fast.

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