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I'm a NA closed beta tester who moved to the SEA server back when lemming trains and sea tards were a guarantee in every battle, and 8 vs 8 lol games were possible.


I enjoy idle chitchat and many other IT related tasks.


Just introducing myself as it seems to be somewhat mandatory, I don't particularly enjoy the subject though :/.

Best wishes to any poor soul who loses time reading this lmao.


o7 GL HF,




TL;DR - HI, I'm Bill.

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I'm Rui Villas from Portugal and I'm a computer Tech (old age)


I would like to thank Aslain for providing such a good modpack. I don't use most mods but really like the sound mods and some crossairs. Also, XVM maks us push harder and play smarter.


Queep up making us happy.

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hi aslain

im using your mods , so i thought i also would start to use your pages in here :) 

im from Denmark and 55 years , i realy injoy your mods , they make the game way easier to play ( wows) 
keep up the good work, i know many people are very pleased about your efford.
ty for duing sutch at good job 

in game name wulfy and wulf_dk


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Old user of Aslain's pack, posted here only few times and will continue to report if I find something to report!

Also, everyone- keep up the donations! There won't a better way to support that hard work Aslain is doing ;)


With regards from Estonia!


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