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Auto aim aids not working?

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Has anyone else noticed that the auto aim mods have stoped working in the latest patch

I did new install using version Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.4.4.28_981 with AutoAim Indication + and Autoaim extended V3.02 by spoter

and auto aim did not function

I did a reinstall to Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.4.4.22_981 selecting the clean install and the other two check boxes and it was still broken

So i did an clean install back to version 28 and auto aim was not functioning

I then reinstalled the mod pack and removed these two mods and auto aim started working


I think that the WG micro patch broke the autoaim mods

I am writting this to see if anyone else noticed it

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My autoaim doesn't seem to work at all. It still says it's binded to RMB in the options but nothing happens even if I press RMB while directly aiming on an enemy tank.

I had some early 9.8 version of the modpack where it still worked. Updated to the latest version (v4.4.29) yesterday.

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AutoAim Indication+ works just fine, newest installer.


I haven't tried Autoaim Extended.


Maybe it's there the problem is - or maybe it's when you install both Autoaim Indication+ AND Autoaim Extended at the same time, that it breaks down.

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I have found out the offending mod

I did a new install of the game

I started installing mods a few at a time

when I installed Autoaim extender V3.02 by spoter auto aim quit

when I did a clean install of the mod pack again with that mod uncheck auto aim started working again

so its in there some place


Thanks for the help people

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Well autoaim quit working again in 4.32 and removing the new spotting extended I had added and cleaning DLC cache did not help. Finally went back to 4.31 and it is working fine. Seems it must be something added to 4.32 but I could not locate it

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AutoAim Indication+ not working for me in 4.32. My previous version was 4.26


Edit: I reinstalled 4.32 without "Advanced Aiming System", and that solved the issue. Advanced Aiming System is interfering with AutoAim Indication+ for sure.


Thanks derf1

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Set it up as you suggested- no joy. it will not lock on target. In previous versions I had both checked with no problems, It has got to be the new version of spotting extended causing the problem, So its back to 4.31 for me

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As of seeing the NA ban on the latest autoaim mod, I disabled it, only to find that the vanilla version doesn't work now either. This after a clean install and deleting the DLC. Anybody got a clue?

Is there perhaps another mod in the latest download that's interfering with it?

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As for legality Here http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/451112-autoaim-indication-is-now-illegal-on-na/


I marked it like that, because this is how I interpreted new banned mod list on Asia server (which is usually valid also on NA), I will remove that tag from AI+ once I get confirmation from WG that if's safe to use, for now it stays like that.

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What about other battle types?

It works in other battle types. 


I did just open up the pyc file in notepad and noticed that all file path references are to as below




This is of course a nonexistant folder as I only have




I have not yet modified the pyt file, but I did copy over all my 9.9 files into a 9.8.1 folder, and am about to go into clanwars now and test to see if it works. 




Sadly that didn't fix it.

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