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9.12 Crash after Launch

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sure looks like one is posted to me:

.12.1 (18-11-2015):
- compatibility with WoT 0.9.12
- updated XVM to v6.1.6
- removed mods will be back when their authors update them
- most of the contour icon mods are outdated, only mine and two others are up-to-date
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happened to me...

then i look at res_mods folder and the 9.12 wasnt there...

fix it creating that folder, exact named by aslain: create folder and name it 9.12.1. After this the game will not crash anymore.

i didnt pasted the new mods folders inside it, cuz must leaved to work.

tonight will test if the new mods works fine, but for sure i can play it (tested).

sorry for my bad english.


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"extended_filters_pack_97.7z" , can't be downloaded, the game freeze on "updating crew" !

the options for in game updates is unchecked.

Any solutions ?


I had the exact same problem. Do you have any WOT tweaks enabled? I don't know which ones did it but the ones i have enabled now are..

disable exhaus smoke

disable wreckage smoke

disable tree motion effects

disable clouds


I don't have that problem with those enabled.

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