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Hi Aslain,


First of all many thanks for the beautiful MOD installer you providing us every time.

The only thing where I often struggle with is where to find the new updates in the overall selection list.

Isn't it possible of highlighting (bold or other color) the new features in the overall list ??

That would help a lot of users by selecting some specific new features.

Now I have too read the all list several times and sometimes I even can't find the new feature.


Kind regards,




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  • Moderator

I think it's been said it's pretty much impossible to do... could be wrong.


But sounds like a lot of pointless work. What if someone doesn't update the modpack for several revisions? What then? :)


Besides.. things getting updated, that matters to you, is usually already selected, since you're using it :D

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I completely understand the problem that pierrevn has.  It took me FOREVER to find XMQP in the installer.  Even after I found it the first time, selected it and later wanted to make sure I had indeed selected it, I almost gave up before finding it.  Maybe if the font color could be changed for a new addition, but if it can not be done we can live with it...or at least I can.

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  • Administrator

It's impossible to mark mods with styles currently. There was a pluging to some ancient Inno Setup compiler that are being used by various modpacks like Proships, it has that feature, can even collapse categories, but it's so outdated, and buggy, and not working with new Inno. I would not like to use it.

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