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Update needed for New WoWships Update

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@Aslain is in Europe and probably has not seen the new patch yet.


In the meantime, you may try going into the res_mods directory and renaming the directory to be and then start the game.  Sometimes the mods are compatible and that can be a temporary fix until the ModPack Installer can be updated.

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Yes.  I had some issues so I ran the installer and un-selected some mods. I will be trying some so I can figure out exactly which ones are working and which mods I need to wait to be updated.  I think the Damage Stats combo mod may be causing issues.  I disabled it because the game now provides battle damage results on the end of battle screen.  I like having the stats during the battle too, but that will probably come when the mod author updates his mod.


I don't use custom crosshairs so I don't know how those are doing.


@Aslain is good about getting the new Modpack out shortly after he gets the game patch on the EU servers.

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As a general rule of thumb, anything that replaces textures should be fine for each new patch so long as those files aren't being renamed such as Panel Icons, Shell Tracers, Captain Icons, Visible torpedoes, etc.


Some UI mods are likely to work, such as Damage Counter.


The mods that always break are the Camera and Training Room/Statistics mods.

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I posted in a different topic, but the short version here is that I think the player panel/contour mods have broken the new match results screen.  I use the Hakabase contours with the HP modification that Aslain put together.  The results screen displayed at the end of the match looked like a broken version of the 0.5.5.x screen.  After I removed the contour mod the results screen was normal again. 


Like I mentioned, I had already removed the training room/session stats/damage on battle results screen mod.  Everything else I use was working, but I don't use a camera or crosshairs mod.

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Oh man, running vanilla is tough :)


Tried to install some mods,

Hakabase regular contours works (messing results screen though),

gun marker (#10) works,

OTMarker is OK,

damage counter and colored kill messages (I love this one) are fine.


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Hakabase panel or others in that category not working for me... see pic

But yea, gun marker, OTmarker, Compass Elements #3, Damage Counter, Kill msg, and Running lights are working ok. Even the Star Wars and Jaws voice mods ok (I just like the extra stereo sounds ;-)

 Miss the scope mod the most though. Got too used to the diagonal lines for aiming. EDIT: The "Krab" cross-hair works :D Removed the hakabase from my list.





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Ugh, I personally can't stand that one. I guess maybe it's the scope mod that causes maps to fail to load since I had the spider-type scope as well. I've been using the stock scope and am doing fine so far - I seem to no longer absolutely need the diagonals since I had them long enough to train my eye.


I may have to run the installer just to get the colored kill messages back, though... I'm surprised that not even ship contours work quite right for me - I thought they were just a straight texture replacement.


This patch must have done a heck of a lot since it's been over 24 hours with no update yet for this or for Wyvern's flag mod.


I wonder if Always On Weather still works...?

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On 26.5.2016 at 3:28 AM, Aqua Nemo said:

Yea, I know the temp fix of renaming the folder, but so far the game freezes when trying to load a round. Un-installed Aslain for now.


Thanks though. Are any mods working for you?


Yep, had that too - if color-blind mod activated, game freezes at loading screen and does not switch to battle - though You can hear the battle ongoing and also can hear Your ship sinking :(

After disabling mod its OK

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