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How do i uninstall the mod pack?

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I know this may have a quite simple answer but I just dont know how lol


For further info on my problem:

I have completed HT-15 of the second set, yet the game does not show me the option to claim reward, but does show the option to "Improve Result." I contacted WG and they suggested getting rid of my mods in case they are causing any visual bugs. (Im pretty sure this isnt an issue because Ive also just completed TD-15 and no problems)


If you have a better suggestion of getting my HT-15 reward w/o having to install, id probably be more apt to trying that lol

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I would simply rename the 0.9.15(or whatever the current client version is) folder in the res_mods folder to something like "old0.9.15" and create a new empty 0.9.15 folder.  This way, you can always delete the new folder and remove the word "old" from the original folder.  But uninstalling should work too.

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A bit too late here, but... instead of completely uninstalling, you could launch the game in Safe Mode (which disables all mods, so game runs "vanilla style")

and then get your reward :)

Relaunch game afterwards, for your mods back :)

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