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Problem with garage mods and aslain icons

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Hi, I am using the Aslain's modpack, but after last two updates, my garage mods doesn't work completely. More row of tanks doesn't work, autolequip of modules doesn't work and ingame Aslain's icons,  in installer its called like: Vehicle contour icons / Aslains icons / simple with small font + centered icons over tanks , ( in fact no other icons) in bars and over tanks doesn't work.... 

Does anybody knows, what's wrong?

Sorry about my english


Thank you for your help.

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Sounds like someone is using "Clean install without XVM" - check that page, after the mod list, where you pick installation options, if it's supposed to be Clean install and such.


It's a guess, since someone also forgot to include the logs requested in the sticky. ;)

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I was always using clean install :( 

BTW i reinstalled wot at all..... nothing changed 

Another problem, after instalation mods is completed, there is possibility to update XVM statistics... BUT THIS WILL SHOW....i have to do in manually.... so its not problem to me, but for the mods? i have no idea.... 


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this might work it might not but uninstall  the modpack completely and manually remove the left over files in wot folders ,   then use a program called ccleaner ,   then  do a fresh install of modpack .  its worth a try as it works for me . it maybe a coincidence but sicne 9.15 update and using ccleaner  before installation my game and mods run fine 

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GOD BLESS I FIXED IT..... PROBLEM WERE  THROUGH THE REG2.EXE FIX..... THERE WERE A VIRUS, SO I USED Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PROGRAMME AND IT'S FIXED... Thanks to all who tried to help. :-)


Aslain, thanks to you :-) 


this topic can be closed :D FINALY :D

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