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integrating files

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is possible to put these files into 1 ? or can it not be done? .  the first file is from meltymaps mathmod cross hair mod ,   the 2nd one  is from a random  crosshair I found  as I like the circle it gives u (green circle in pic)  I swap the files over but doing that  the penetration markers don't work .  so was wondering if the 2 files can be put into 1 

if it can be done can someone do it for me please 


also can someone point me into how I move the penetration  counter that  is at  same place as the  icons at bottom of screen so its  above the icons


thanks in advance




thanks in advance  



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This is a longshot but if you would take Meltys into a flash-software 

and look at the scripts what sprites are triggered and replace them 

with green crosshair sprites. 

Some adjustement in scripts might be needed too.


Yes, Im totally flat-earthing here but some ideas are better than no ideas.

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