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Hit Zones With Zoom Effect By ProTanki (Cheat?)

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Aslain would this be considered a cheat? Hit Zones by PRotanki


The way it works is that when you look at an enemy they will look normal until you hover your cross-hairs over them. This then puts a Hit-zones skin on their tank and will stay on it until you move your cross-hair away.


I see it as basically having the hit-zone skins but being able to keep the look of the tanks.


If it is considered a cheat, ignore this message. If it isn't, I would like to recommend it to your pack.

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8 hours ago, Aslain said:

Managed to extract that mod from protanki, it worked, has russian menu but works fine. It will throw ads in garage too :/ Just like the other protanki mod.

So thats not a good thing, I'm guessing.

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