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XMQP question

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No idea - but a guess could be: Currently not spotted? Though, yours are showing.. and I doubt you are spotted at that point in time?


Could be "I have sixth sense perk / I do not have sixth sense perk"? If you have the perk, that might answer that one. :)

And can confirm it, if you use a crew without sixth sense.

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I bet you are right.  I need to train a new crew for another arty, so I will recruit a new commander and see.  Wait right here...I will be right back...:P

We have a winner!!!!!  The line through the bulb means the commander does not have sixth sense.

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Yes, the presence of the bulb tells you that they are using XMPQ. If the bulb is gray with a slash, they have XMPQ but no sixth sense. If the bulb is yellow, they have sixth sense and are spotted.


If someone with XMPQ clicks on the minimap, it shows an orange dot exactly where they clicked, as well as flashing the whole square. They can also draw lines, circles, or arrows on the map.

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