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A little help needed

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((I didn't made this thread in 'issues and bug reporting' , as it is not related to the mod pack , it's just a general bug and I'm looking for a solution))



My brother bought a new laptop and he wanted to play wot on his laptop so I just copied mine client to his laptop (he deleted the mod pack because he found all the mods I'm using , confusing , but later he downloaded xvm mod pack from the official website)


Now when he plays wot , SOMETIMES it freezes when he shoots at someone (freezes for around 10secs to 1min)


I posted his python log , if u guys can read it and figure the problem out , it'll be great 


(BTW the drives are latest and he's using windows 10 64bit , i7 with 8gb ram)



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1 hour ago, skull helmet said:

Why didn't he download it directly from wot website? Just curious...

Could be a number of things...

Slow internet

Limited amount of data per month

and what not :)


But yeah, things can go wrong if you just copy, without installing properly, missing registry and what not..

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Sorry been away for a week 


He copied because the game is almost 9gb and if u can copy at 8mbs than why download it with 250kBs speed lol 


He switched to SD from HD and now it lags very little than before , so I guess it's not mods fault , it even happens in safe mode  

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He's a little disappointed at that laptop cuz he spent around 1000$ on that omen 15 or something , hoping it'll be better than my 800$ PC loooool 


And ur right , he can't even play most games at stable fps , and wot is one of them 


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