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game closure, then locked out

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I was in the middle of the first game after installing.  while playing the game closed, then tried to restart.  It just got stuck in the restart loop


2nd game worked fine but couldn't log in until first game was over



also cant seem to upload python file


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Same here.  client crashes during the battle.  It has happened after being destroyed as well as without being destroyed. I don't know if it happens when another vehicle is destroyed or not...so don't know if it is White Dead Tanks or White Damaged Tracks.  The client tries to restart on its own but is unable to do so.  I don't have a custom crosshair installed and no extra aim info.  I had those installed and thought that was the problem.



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ive also just had a crash same instance as darth , was playing arty  and was just about to blow some nub up and game froze , then crashed  waited game restarted then just  closed . wot client is still running in  task manager  5 mins after closing aswell, must be a memory leak somewhere , hopefully the micropatch fixes this



python - Shortcut.lnk

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