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kobolanovs medal with arty lol

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6 minutes ago, Quaksen said:

Good game :) and lol at the idiots that have gone infront of your gun, one by one, kindly waiting for you to reload first... :P

the last kill was funny though seeing the tracer and killing him with 1 sec left on base capture

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4 hours ago, bubs79 said:

wat i want to know is , is there any other person got the kolobonavs medal in arty

I'm fairly sure many people have gotten it while playing the Assault game-mode.

Since it doesn't require you to kill the last 5, just be alive alone while 5 enemies are alive, and win the game. And time running out = win, for a defending team in Assault. :)

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I got one on my 212a a couple of years ago in standard mode where I won the battle by destroying all five enemies.  One was afk, but he deserved it.  One of the others was a good player in a tank and I got lucky.  I don't have the replay any longer.



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