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Improved Chat (Displays ship name in brackets) (by IKU19)

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Can just hope that IKU19 changes it, or makes two versions.. especially if the names doesn't really make sense. I could understand it in the case of really long names, but then I'd personally use the short names from WG themselves instead, which probably makes way more sense than "NPTN" :)

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18 minutes ago, Battlenat0r said:

In the newest version you posted now for the next patch, is it full long name or stupid shortened name?
v6.3.1 #00 (05-04-2017):
- initial version for WoWs
- updated Improved Chat [fixed red color for enemy chat + full ship names]

As it says "full ship names"....

He might have included both versions, but I didn't check.

"Added "full" version which displays full ship names warning this will push the margin considerably, it's advised to use the "short" version."

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