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Crosshair Nomogram (Dynamic)

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I have tried to install the Nomogram Dynamic crosshair in the last 3 versions Mod pack Installer.  It never has worked.  I still have the standard dynamic crosshair.

I checked the Settings.xml file in alt_hud folder.  ngcrosshair active = true

Do not read Russian therefore I have no idea if the crosshair.xml file is correct.


Any help will be appreciated.


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4 hours ago, Buran said:

What happened to this crosshair? The dynamic one offered now is a garish (to me) shade and I'd like the Nomogram one to return as a choice.

It will return when the author of it updates it. He has probably been busy. Fingers crossed it'll come soon.

I can't hit anything with the other dynamic ones, lol.. too used to Nomogram.

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I just activated it myself since the files are in the mod pack anyway.

Nothing strange happened so far, except that i can aim again ;).

I downloaded the nomogram mod from another website and compared the files in res_mods.


In folder alt_hud there is 2 files:

crosshair.xml: i changed the knot value to 2.55 instead of 2.6 as in nomogram. There is no other changes.

settings.xml: i changed the line <ngCrosshair active="false" ref="crosshair.xml"/> to TRUE like this:  <ngCrosshair active="true" ref="crosshair.xml"/>

It worked fine for me (of course i have dynamic sight already set inside game).


In folder gui there is battle_elements.xml. These files looks so different so i have not touched it.

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That would be great :thumbsup:.


My exact actions where these:

  1. I installed mod pack 02b again (because of the replay problem i reverted back (i know its fixed now)).
  2. In that mod pack i had choosen the dynamic (dont remember the name of it) but it was not nice to use. But that one was installed.
  3. I started WOW so the game was started and sitting in harbour. Then i thought i should look at the files and see if i could figure it out.
  4. So i looked at the files as stated above. I figured out that the .swf files already excisted and would be used if i changed the settings in the 2 files as stated above.
  5. So i changed those lines and saved the files.
  6. Then i went to the game again and hit the Battle button and the Nomogram works fine.


Almost seemed to easy but it worked for me....so far haha.

The only thing that you change really is the knots and of course to tell the game to use the namogram.

Dont know if it matters that i already had installed the dynamic in mod pack or not because i did not copy all the files from the Nomogram download to res_mods, i just changed the 2 existing files. I might be using some "hybrid" version with the installed one since i did not touch battle_elements.xml or something i dont know.



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7 hours ago, Aslain said:

The crosshair is completly reworked and independant to alt hud (navigator) now.

Huh, well that explains why manually re-enabling it by editing the .xml didn't work like it did the last time it disabled itself.


Thank you both!

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