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there use to be a part on non xvm hit log, players panel witch would display damage for the entire on screen game when you hit alt. it would show everyones damage at the time you hit and help alt. witch would show everybodys damage done at the time you hit alt. I do not see that anymore or it is not working? Or I just seen it under battle observer went to players panel and checked display damage and during the game it does not display the damage people during the game has done?

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On ‎11‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 9:50 AM, Quaksen said:

Pretty sure the damage list when you hold alt down was removed from Battle Observer (at least I think it was BO that had that feature)

yes you are correct. But did he remove it from the mod pack or was it just not ever put back up because I always used it and noticed it was gone like a month ago and thought maybe it was being fixed or something.

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yes but under the battle observer it says Players panel

                                                                    -display detection

                                                                    -display damages

                                                                    -display HP

now when I click on show description it shows the red bock around the players on the face of the battle and that re3d bocks is around all the peoples damages at that time. So the display damages is not working or at least it is not on mine? Also I have them all checked off because I use them.

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8 hours ago, Quaksen said:

Could you take a screenshot during a battle, and also attach log files please? :)

here is a screen shot. One when I even hit alt and the one that I don't at all also XVM is not working for some reason and this is happening quite often. But there is my logs and thanks for your help its always welcome and thank you in advance

Desktop Screenshot 2017.11.14 -

Desktop Screenshot 2017.11.14 -


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A couple of suggestions:

Please do this:


To avoid the extra tier icon with roman numerals on your contour icons.


And you really should consider changing your settings for damage logs and what not... either those ingame, or those in the modpack.. so you avoid all the clutter and overlapping.

You already have:

         --------------------[ Efficiency counters ]----------------------------------------
            counters over damage panel

So you can turn that off, or the Vanilla WoT one....


You also have double selections for damage logs:

         ----------------------[ Hitlog Settings ]----------------------------------------------
            default XVM hitlog

         -----------[ XVM Damage Log (movable with L.CTRL + mouse)]---------------
            Damage Log from XVM team


         Team HP Pool
            Battle Observer
                  Display damage done logs
                  Display damage taken logs


You also have double penetration indicators:

            Armour Penetration Indicator
               Indicator from PMOD

         Team HP Pool
            Battle Observer
               Display Armour Penetration Indicator

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3 hours ago, Quaksen said:

Yeah it looks crazy...

And with the double selections for a few things, and what not, shit's cluttered as hell :D

but the damage for the the battle observer doesn't work remember that's what I was talking about and I put the other ones on there to see witch one would do that Showing of the damage done by the team and the enemy team at that time and nothing was working so that's why all that is on there cause I been trying to see why and which mod that was that did that. But obviously it is not there anymore. Also that's why I sent the pictures to see if that display damage done in the battle observer is not working because it shows in the description that it shows what damage is done by everyone. But it is not working? 

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I know I commented on other things too - but some of them you really should look into fixing. The tier marker, for example, and the double penetration indicators.

As well as the others as you did some testing.


From your screenshots, it doesn't look like Battle Observers "Display damages" is working - it'll be checked.

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okay thanks and I did take the extra things off I was trying to see how different things worked and didn't take some off before downloading it but thanks for helping and I just wanted to get you the pics and logs in quick but thank you for your time its well appreciated.

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i had it working ,   so damage dealt by players showed up on the panels,      for some reason battle observer config files open up inside the game itself and u can manually turn on stuff etc  ,  

I even  decreased the size of the league hp bar so I cud fit other stuff up at the top . 

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