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    as aslain says , another note about the info , when u get hit by an arty itl say arty hit me and is on reload for 40 seconds , that time Is from the point of it hitting u , say the fly time is 3 seconds , the fly time isn't counted so tbh the actul time wud be 37 seconds , this time isn't including brothers of arms or any equipment boost
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    Pretty sure changing the tracers fall under forbidden changes in the Fair Play Policy
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    So today Aslain had to ban a member from chat because of his hateful speech spamming the chat. While its respected that people can have their say, there is a right way and a wrong way. he is butt hurt because he got blocked from chat for hate speech. If you have questions regarding something please do speak to moderators (Green) or Aslain himself they are always happy to help. While the massive community is full of respect and all that there will be the odd troll that just wants to get noticed and cause a stir. Please do not respond to them, bring it to the moderators attention and it will get dealt with. The user Commodore900 is currently down voting Aslain on this forum : https://wgmods.net/46/ so please if you have a moment do downvote his comments if you dont believe in his words (don't just downvote because ive posed this and aslain has asked for us to do it. I am posting this off my own back not because ive been asked to but because the bloke is clearly trying to hurt the almighty Aslain and his modpack which he works hard for. Have fun on the battlefield and be respectful of other forum users.
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    It was in the modpack, utill it stopped to work after one of WG update.
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    Hi All these flags, flags are nice. In this age of getting offended its strange how we choose to cherrypick history.
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