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  1. Remembered to activate services on modxvm.com? It's something you need to do every 2 weeks. After changing the settings most likely as well.
  2. Just the files you changed :) The files in the custom folder overwrites whatever is installed prior to that step. And yes, for the autoaim_indicator.json, the zip file, when you open it, should look like this: \res_mods\0.9.10\scripts\client\mods\autoaim_indicator.json Hope that helps :)
  3. Because you only need to make the changes once, and if the files are updated, you'll have to re-do the files anyways, even using your Notepad++ method. \World of Tanks\Aslains_Custom_mods\ < go into that folder, and read the text file, it should explain enough.
  4. Can also use the custom_mods folder and have the edited files in there, using a zip file with the proper folder structure and what not. :)
  5. Fixed in the newest installer. It's due to a bug in Mav's Ultra Fog thingie. Ruinberg gets blue fog, El Halluf gets blackness with white nature. :P But as I said.. fixed in the newest.
  6. Get in my belly! :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea7XIUuj7ag
  7. Anyone with half a brain has a good idea how long peoples reload are, and you can hear them shoot.
  8. Not going to happen. EVER. Learn to play, WITHOUT CHEATING. And if you're going to cheat, don't bother asking here. Find them for yourself.
  9. Hijacking his thread, tsk tsk :P Step 1: Open eyes. :P Step 2: Scroll to the very bottom of the modlist. Step 3: Section 3 above the XVM Icons, are the HD Minimap options. Step 4: Profit?? :P
  10. Already in the modpack (Angel Extended), but it's not 100% reliable, since much of the info is guess-work.
  11. By "Angel Extended" he means "Angel Extended", the mod by spoter. :P
  12. Yeah, the feature in Autoaim Indication+ should be legal though, since it's not automatic, but you still need to press a key, it doesn't activate things for you. :)
  13. Yeah, and, not a banned mod :) Unlike the other one :P
  14. Don't get spotted too often on purpose... :P lol... Right-click, Save As, Rename and Replace at: \World of Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\SixthSense.png
  15. -313 (or close to it) should work fine, if you set the align to "right" instead of left. Should give the same position. Though, to be honest, it doesn't matter... it's just to make it easier for adjusting the X/Y, and since you already moved it, ignore this :P hehe. Not sure why the damage blocked thingie would have an overlap - perhaps someone that uses that/those mods, will know which two it is :)
  16. C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\xvm You can type %AppData%\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\xvm in the Windows 7 start menu (or any other Windows start menu/Run option, to get in there) Should be a file in there, named something recognizable.. I don't use it myself, so I cannot tell you the name of the file. (For Auto-return crew, there's one called, \xvm_crew\auto_prev_crew\ and inside that, is a file for each tank.)
  17. Going by the auto aim thread, where you said you're using an aimbot.. I'm gonna take a guess and say you're also using something of a mod for the minimap, which is causing the issue. :ph34r:
  18. Your average damage is 2142, it's barely above the average, so therefore, yellow color.
  19. "Graphical_settings": { "background": { "enable": false, (IF THIS IS FALSE, IGNORE THIS SECTION) }, "text": { "alignX": "left", (CAN BE SET TO "left,center,right") "alignY": "top", (CAN BE SET TO "top,center,bottom") "x": 25, (MOVES FIELD RIGHT/LEFT OF THE ALIGN, minus numbers moves it left) "y": 535 (MOVES FIELD UP/DOWN OF THE ALIGN, minus numbers moves it up) } I removed the lines not needed for an explanation, but you can see what sections you need to look at. I recommend finding a replay, where the mod shows up, and use that, to test your settings, since you can quickly start/stop a replay. To get it on the right side of the HUD, you could try changing "alignX" to right, and then adjust the "x" value to -200, to start with, and see what happens.
  20. You WILL get judged, harshly as well. Cheaters are lame, very lame. If you don't enjoy WoT, why play? Why cheat to enjoy a game? Heh..
  21. The difference between you and me is; I don't need a computer program to play for me. ;)
  22. Not true, at all, and why bother playing a game, when the game is playing for you. Just run a bot then. Better yet, don't play :P
  23. Random event most likely, or you happened to download it just as many others did :)
  24. Did you change the text setting, and not the background setting? By default, you need to change text setting, background isn't shown.
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