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Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?


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Hi all

There used to be a mod in Aslain's XVM Mod + ModPack Installer w/Picture & Sound Preview to enable climbing guides in WoT. Toggling this mod on would display lines to show paths up slopes and hills. 

I found this mod very useful.

Since the 0.9.21 mod packs, I have noticed this mod is absent. Is it tucked away somewhere or has it been removed, and why?

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Stll getting weird stuff in python, might not be serious error, looks like info only but it's suspicious


2018-01-06 10:57:08.540: INFO: DEBUG[mods_gui]:
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO: gui.mods.mod_trajectory.hook_enter(Avatar, Avatar)
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO: [START:]----------------
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO: Traceback (most recent call last):
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO:   File "hru-hru", line 121, in log
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO:   File "hru-hru", line 715, in hook_enter
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO:   File "hru-hru", line 354, in battleLoading
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO:   File "hru-hru", line 273, in read_veh_config
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO:   File "scripts/common/Lib/codecs.py", line 878, in open
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '././mods/configs/TrajectoryMod/vehicles_configs/J27_O_I_120.trajectory'
2018-01-06 10:57:08.541: INFO: [END:]------------------

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@ebiznet Unfortunately I can't. I could add this mod and a note that it may cause crash with an unknown mod from the modpack but it will end up that people will install that mod ignoring the warning in mod tag and then request a help because my modpack is crashing his game.

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