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Missing info panel

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The current installer's (if i remember correctly all versions) don't have visible info panel. Well at least on my screen it dosen't show up. 


And why masheene's version of the panel is missing? Because after using your installer copied the masheene's files to the correct locations and well the second shot tells more. izembergnotvisible.thumb.jpg.2e3c4acaf1cb79f56a17045a32614cda.jpgmasheenefiles.thumb.jpg.73a5d44d51114b76214a404fe4be0dd4.jpg


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According to logs you're installing Izeberg's Info Panel, it has a hangar menu button, you can configure it there, to display info for allied tanks, it's disabled by default, and works on enemy only.


Ekspoint mods were removed from the modpack, so you won't find his mods in the modpack. You mentioned you copied masheene's files, you can attach it here, for checking.

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recently (version 1.0.07?) I miss an information panel, where the enemy armor (turret and tank armouring, front, rear and side), reload time etc. is displayed, if you point to it with the crosshairs.

Did it come back?


The same when I press the "Alt" - key.
I am now also missing information about own armour, breakthrough of the grenades, reload etc..

Where are these panels?


Thank you for help.

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25 minutes ago, dasman66 said:

apologize for resurrecting an old thread... but can someone give me a screen shot showing me this magical garage menu button?



Bottom right corner of the garage, right next to the notification center button. At least it should be :)

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