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Detection Range Circle

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23 hours ago, Xeonn said:

there was something like this , named ambush but it is illegal

Why would it be illegal? I just googled it, and it doesnt look like it does anything that would be determent to be illegal. Unless it does data mining...

18 hours ago, Quaksen said:

Such a circle would never be accurate at all.. there's way too many variables. Not even Ambush managed that :P


Just use the "Show 445m maximum detection range circle" option.

Yeah, I know it would not be accurate, but a gauge is better than nothing...

Further googling found this in a reddit post:


Question: What about the function that shows and calculates Camo and detectability rating in-game?
Answer: This is currently under consideration



I dont know if anything has been decided on this matter, ill have to post on the forums for that.

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On ‎6‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 4:41 PM, Xeonn said:

there was something like this , named ambush but it is illegal

master ambush it is called ,  theres not been an update on it  wether  its legal or not , I asked aslain about it before  and  no point risking accounts with a mod that's not  been confirmed  either way

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