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Can't find Hangar Armor Inspector button

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I've installed the mod since the first time I saw it in the modpack but have never been able to find the button. I've searched online about it but it hasn't helped. Do I need to download the mod, is it still available or is something else blocking it from installing? Here's a screenshot of my garage. It's supposed to be installed.


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1 minute ago, Quaksen said:

Deleted my previous reply.

According to the preview image in the installer. You right click a tank, select preview vehicle, and you should have a button with russian text in the left side.

Yup, right click on tank (tech tree, carousel...) > Preview vehicle > then russian text

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Yea, here's a screenshot using the Super Conqueror. This is with the button with Russian text pushed.


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Ok, I see the how it works. What I was looking for were the colored skins showing the armor weak points and thicknesses. Are they in this mod as well?
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