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PROTanki Multipack Notifications

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Curious, in .16 Aslain removed it due to that message, maybe Aslain forgot to remove it from one of the sights?


This is from .16:

- replaced camera scripts back to sights.pyc (prosights script is showing a warning message that script is being used illegaly + advertising 3rd party russian modpack in garage)


Also remember to read and do this:


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I ran into the same popup. I dismissed it the first time it popped up, but when it happened a second time I made a copy of it, as the message says it wont bother you again if you dismiss it so OBVIOUSLY it lies. I did an integrity check and doing a new run of v.4.1.27 as a clean install with the DLC file delete. (I'm not doing the WoT reset cuz it is too much of a pain to redo all of my settings.) so we will see if it happens again. please see attached files.





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This script is starting to be very annoying, looks like someone smuggled this crap into the UP reload sound mod


I will revert back to older unaffected version.


Replaced the DLC file, so quick fix is to re-run installer and clean up DLC folder.

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From the 4.3.10 changelog:

- had no choice and added protanki script, because some crosshair makers are using it now. Expect russian spam window telling lies about using script without permission (they gave permission to mod authors, but still display this spam window, so be warned!). Currently following crosshairs are using this script: Shtys minimalistic sights, Deegie's crosshairs, Standard crosshair, with better timer and more.


Putting it here to others will see it, that doesn't check the changelog  :P

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