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Mini Map Greater Shipsnames

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in the last mods was an option under Mini Map Greater shipname, and that i missing in the new mod. Under the Minimap Mods was a title Mini Map with shipsnames and ander this title was a option shipsname to enlarge.

That i missing in the new mod. For example mod version 8.4.0

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Ye missing the mini-map mod myself.


Along with "ship detection icons" and  "more visible smoke counter" its one of the mods I can't play without.


What I noticed (besides the design) is that vanilla mini-map does not scale properly.

I cannot enlarge it enough to play comfortably.  Also I am so used to detection disc, that my brains cannot process the dashed line in vanilla :)


Anyhow thanks Aslain for your mod pack and all the effort you put into this.

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There were changes to the minimap and other files a lot of mods use in 8.5.0. So mods won't work until they're updated, Aslain has just removed the older defunct ones, for your convience.


Just have to wait, i'm waiting for alt_minimap as well.

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