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[] WoT hanging on return to garage

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Hey @Aslain

After some more testing with the new version, the cause seems still to be the poliroid's mods, maybe them in combination, maybe one of them.

Currently I played with the new version and the problem persisted as long as the poliroid's mods were installed, without them the game runs smoothly.

I will reach the author somehow and maybe we can have a fix.


Edit: it is indeed the pmod.

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So far i got 100 games without any freezes but unticked everything from XVM *sections* ,

They are not all in the same place so make sure you don't have any ticked , I hope this helps people at least play with some mods.

My freezes were caused when I'd complete missions while playing or going back to garage waiting for battle results , even now some battle results come delayed like 5-10 sec if I play multiple games then wait in garage for them to finish but since I got 100 games without freezes I'll leave it like this for now.

Best way to close your game for now is to Ctrl Alt Delete and Sign out so you can avoid restarting it from the button and cause damage to your windows over time.


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Yeah, my recommendations for now to all the people who cannot solve crashing after the battle would be in this order at this moment:


1. Play with 32bit client

2. Remove PMOD

3. Remove XVM


Start with first point, and follow up if no help. I hope WG will fix it in upcoming week.


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2 hours ago, Aslain said:

Yeah, my recommendations for now to all the people who cannot solve crashing after the battle would be in this order at this moment:


1. Play with 32bit client

2. Remove PMOD

3. Remove XVM


Start with first point, and follow up if no help. I hope WG will fix it in upcoming week.


Sadly the 32bit client doesn't solve this.

And I can say definetly the problem is pmod.

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hace 6 horas, Aslain dijo:

Try to play on 32bit client, remove overwolf.


hace 6 horas, Redraven59 dijo:

Ok. Thanks.




Perfect!. Removed Overwolf and directly run the 32 bit WoT, without Wargaming Center, and this afternoon I play over 20 battles and no problem. Thank you very much.

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14 hours ago, MightyDalton said:

I'm still using the #2 version, but since I deleted the following files yesterday, there is no more garage freezing issue. Also the other problem with failure to display some battle results is also gone. Loading time after finishing battle is significantly improved as well. I feel 99% one or more of these files are the culprit.






There is log saying loading script failure but it does not affect playing at all.

Update: No issue after almost 200 battles. I think I can comfortably wait for a permanent fix from Aslain while playing smoothly

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2 hours ago, Isuzu_Hana said:

It seems after 1.9, I got a lot of my WoT client not responding after battle. But the weird fact, the hangar sound in the background played fine like nothing happened. I can't use my x3 exp bonus since I have to close my client.

Try without  poliroid.modslistapi_1.3.1.wotmod   and   poliroid.pmod_1.47.0.wotmod  installed.

If your game freezes you have some options: either you create a .bat file with this command ”taskkill /f /im worldoftanks.exe” and create a shortcut for it and then set a combination key for the shortcut [because, at least for me, I cannot open an app with combination keys] (for me this works), either try singing out of the pc (again, this works for me).

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Have this intermittent issue where the battle will end, but I can't quite leave the match. My overview from battle is still visible, but I'm back in the garage. Have to ctrl+alt+delete to kill the program to get out of wot, otherwise wot will continue to run in the background. Attached screenshot and logs.



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17 hours ago, arniGX said:

so, how to fix this?

Try without poliroid.modslistapi_1.3.1.wotmod  and  poliroid.pmod_1.47.0.wotmod  installed.

Are you sure you have the latest modpack update? For me it's fixed since verion #5. If not, delete the mods and wait for next versions.

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My solution to this was to install Aslain mod then copy "re_mods" and "mods" directory and save on other place on computer.
Uninstall Aslain mod and copy back the directorys, it's not working 100% but 98% for me. And I am not using XVM.


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On 5/1/2020 at 6:07 AM, Aslain said:

Maybe don't play with mods in FL ;)

I've been playing Frontline since it came out, and I've never had the freeze problem after a Frontline battle before -- even when I was having the problem in Random battles.  And I've always played with mods in Frontline.

I'm at Level 9 right now, haven't had the problem in this iteration, or this month's phase until today.  It just happened now, in my first Frontline battle of the day.  I've attached the log.


As far as I'm concerned, the reason this needs a serious debugging effort is that it's intermittent.  Why is it that I can go for two weeks without it happening?  And when it does, it's just once.  After closing out the game by End Task and restarting, it doesn't happen again.  There must be some kind of trigger for it.


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Overwolf was removed past week; now not in use


Pardon; not is this.


Gold visibility ... ok, remove it.


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7 minutes ago, Aslain said:

You seem to have quite many errors but it's unclear why. Noticed you are using overwolf, I wouldnt use that in WoT, may crash your game.

I see these other people saying "I played 15 battles and no problem, so it must be fixed", or "No freeze in 200 battles so it's good now".  That doesn't work for me, because the freezes are so infrequent.

I'll won't Overwork for the rest of May.  Let's see what happens.



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hace 14 minutos, Aslain dijo:

Gold Visibility Mod?


Always give time of your crash (hours:minutes:seconds)

Does the visibility of gold matter when you return from battle?


Time Crash: 08:58:00

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