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XVM not working

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I've found that you don't need to reset token or clear any cache, but the following method needs to be done for each session.

1. check account in VXM to make sure its activated (if not, click Activate).

2. Login to game. Notification Center will probably show VXM as Inactive.

3. On XVM site, under Activate again, click Prolong (the '+' button next to time left).

4. In game Notification Center, click 'Check Activation'  in the XVM entry.

 Once it completes there should be another entry in Notification Center showing XVM status as active.

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Don't know if this is just me, but XVM either doesn't work, or works every once and awhile. I always have the current update. Never had issues, been using for many years. Been going on for a month or so. Not sure, some other features don't work like the stats on tanks when you click "vehicles" in Service record and scroll through each tank.


I haven't change anything and only use Aslains.


Curious is all your thoughts.

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There are many threads talking about this already.


There are some issues with XVM and you need to reset token and activate before logging in, or you need to tab out while already in garage, and then activate/prolong again, and click check activation in notification center..

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5 hours ago, Tank_Man_4thID said:

After the last major update I am no longer getting the player ratings on screen during battle. I didn't change anything, but can't figure out how to get them to show on screen again. Any help would be appreciated.

Topics merged.

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