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Detecting illegal mods

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First, again, thank you for an excellent mod pack. We really appreciate your efforts.


An ongoing topic in WoT is that of cheating, especially by those who are said to be using illegal mods. It has been my experience that a lot of this is just complaining; there are some very skilled and very experienced WoT tank players who know the game so well that they do incredibly well and have the stats to show it. However, sometimes, some players have "skills" that just seem too good to be true, and I have heard about mods like "warpack" that give a player exceptional advantages.


Is there a possibility of creating a mod to literally check for the presence if illegal mods (even by region, since I understand that a mod that is illegal in one region might be legal in another?) It would be very nice to know if we're playing against a player who is maybe going a little too far. 

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Hi there, thank you for your words, as for your question, forget it, I know this is especially bad on EU where they "allow" for anything and I can say when I play I feel like they are using it on me, but I cannot proof it. We would see a tool similar to punkbuster, WG-ESL already made something like this, and are banning all the people using mods (not just hacks, mods too!) this is a double-edged sword, they do harm normal players, and not give a shit about it too...

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These mods are not a hack. They give you an advantage. 

They dont make you a better player. You can only be a 

good international player if you play vanilla and in teams. 


I dare to say that there are very, very few players who 

play occasionally and actually become good, nomatter 

what mods they use. 


Players in clans, platoons, teams with 30k-50k+ games behind them 

dont care about what mods others use, they know how to play 

and they will prevail.

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There are clues to tell, but never proof:

>I had a LT circle me at high speed in Ensk crossing all sets of RR tracks while he was doing it. So, you can imagine he was actually flying and bouncing. Every shot in his clip hit a critical spot on my tank. No misses. And he was able to drive at high speed in the circle without hitting any objects (train cars, end-of-track bumpers, etc.).

>You watch a tracked tank continue moving before the track fully hits the ground (auto repair). The game does not even have time to report "critical hit" to the guy hit before it is repaired, let alone the player's reaction time.

>You place your sights on am enemy at the edge of your vision. He ducks behind a rock. You move your sights a hair and he pops out. Re-aim, and he hides. Consistently, without fail. No matter how randomly you time your aims (laser).


Play on and do your best. Make the most of your experience.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry Guys - de facto only EU Servers have no Anticheat software on it because WG-Minsk & SERB want only the best of the EU Players:

- they must pay much more for an Item as other Players on other Servers

- they are not loved by the most, primarly the fking "Nazis" (in other words Serb tells us on the convention, what he think about EU Servers and Players and Support)

- RU,PL,CZ,Ro Players know it and "test" their Hack-Packs and sell them for the EU Servers toward dumb Users who buy it...


I have make a Test-Account and run there a actual Version of a Multi-Bot (aimbot, Lazers,X-Ray etc.) for 2 Month include the afk-Bot who starts in multi sections one ore 3 Tanks on the same time and shoot, hit alone, and do the presetted DMG like 800 or 1500 dmg...

...I run it for 2 Month 24/7 and didnt get any message, ban or other things......


Thats why I stop playing WOT on EU Server....If they do the same shit at WoWs i leave WG and play other Game like Amoured Warfare w/e ....


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The thing about programs that detect cheats, is they can be circumvented.

(Which is why Storm has been saying it would be pointless to make one)

Just like copy protection on games and what not.

I remember a story about a company spending 4 years on a DRM system.

They freely gave it to some crackers, to see if it could hold up.

Took the crackers a week, or so, and then that DRM system was useless. :P

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