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Anyways, logs, or you won't get anymore help :P


Which logs, there are several.

The installation window allows me to choose English, there's also a check box somewhere in the setup that I can uncheck Polish, I did that. I've removed the modpack or I'd post a screen pic.

Anyway, I installed Webiums, it at least gives me an English modpack, thanks for your trouble.   :P

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You're doing something wrong if the modpack isn't English, lol.


Anyways, the logs are where my signature shows, or where the sticky thread shows, the one that I link to.


I don't know what I could do wrong, I downloaded the pack from this forum, the initial installation window said English but once installed the WoT client's text was all in another language in all parts of the client.

Here's both of the logs in a zip.



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Try to use "clean install" at the end of the installer.

It makes sure that any previous mod-selections are wiped from the res_mods folder and avoids unnecessary file-clutter and possible errors.


The option to "clear DLC cache" is also a good idea, in order to have to latest version of mods.

If you don't do that, the installer just takes whatever is in your DLC folder already, even if you've downloaded a particular mod like 3 weeks ago.


Obviously, clearing DLC cache is not needed if you have just downloaded the latest mods (and did clear DLC before that) and you're just running the installer a few times to check out different mods.


I can't see a mod that changes client language, in your mod list, and am suspecting that you once installed a mod that does this but didn't use "clean install" to get rid of all the files from that mod.

But that's just a guess.

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Try to use "clean install" at the end of the installer.


I deleted the res_mods folder



Russian or something. 


A screenshot would help.


I should have taken a screen shot, but I've since installed Webium's modpack and tankin' again.  :)

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