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Request for Effective Armor Calculator

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I remember one on Meltys crosshair mod, it was under your crosshair and gave your armor thickness and if you angled your hull it would increase to show the effectiveness.  Does the mod pack have anything like this?





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4 hours ago, Grandorf said:



In modpack you could use the info and screenshot when you toggle 

through the list of crosshairs. I liked Taipan and now i use Harpoon. 


Here is also an alternative: 






I do use Meltys crosshair that is in Aslain's mod pack but it doesn't have the effective armor calculator as in the picture. That mod tell's you your own armor effectiveness when you angle your armor, the number in the rectangle is frontal armor and the triangle is your effective side armor. Great for seeing your armor increase when angled.   

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On 6/4/2016 at 0:14 AM, Aslain said:

That mod is abondoned, and nobody recreated it for current WoT version for very long time, I think we'll never see it again.

Update on this. I started this project going with Elementsof Progress, well TBH I just bugged him a ton till he started to re-write it. Its in the works but 9.15 came.


This was singly the most important mod in game for many tanks like T59, IS6 and many others who rely on angling.


Also if you guys know any coders or anyone in chooh for python etc, I used to find buddies in my comp classes to get them to do WOT mods for school projects and it worked great. I have source for the armor compass if someone wants it.


A;so this could be added in so many more cool ways, one being warships but also I customized mine to used the weakest part of shown armor, so if someone wanted to a make a dmgpanel/compass where it turned red when you were exposing a weakpoint, that would be a hugely popular mod.



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re: v9.15.16 (12-06-2016):
- added MeltyMap's MathMod with effective armor calc [beta version] (by elementofprgress)


I updated mod pack and am using this ^ and very happy with the performance on the armor calc. A very good tool for both learning and playing different tanks. I like the more blue CH as well.


 Thank You 


------------ update ----------------------------------

After playing 55 games today The CH and EAC work great, very happy to see everything again.

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