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6.11.0 v2 - Still no working Markers and Damage Log Indicator

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Wanted to let you know that Damage Indicator only shows Total Damage Done.
Received Damage and Dealt Damage, isn't working.
MonstroMarkers isn't showing Consumables on Friendly and Fire on Enemy.

This wasn't working on Hakabase v4 or ProShips v4 either, meaning Damage Indicator and MonstroMarkers needs further updates.

Get well Aslain!

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For me the MonstroMarkers, The Damage Log Indicators (received and damage dealt), the "Ship Movement Indicator" and the external app "MatchmakingMonitor" dont work. 

Like you, I reinstalled the game in 0.6.10 [my problems started there] but still not working. So I think its more a general issue. 


Maybe Aslain can comment, if these Mods and Apps are working for him.




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So Aslain, can you create a folder with these mods, make sure they are working and upload them to mega.nz or something?
What file(s) are causing issues.. I have no clue.

Reinstalled a fresh Windows 10, reinstalled Warships from scratch, no profile related files saved... And this still won't work!



MODs used:


      ----------------------[ Ship Contour Icons ]------------------------------------
         by hakabase
            hakabase: historical
      ----------------------[ Player's Panel mods ]--------------------------------------
         Panel by Hakabase [compatible with contour icons]
            Panel: Hakabase v1
      Class Panel with hp bars
      More visible range finder
         range finder: yellow
      ---------------------[ Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file ]------------------------------
         Battle GUI customization
            Compass Elements
               shape 2
            Hits marker
               hits marker 1
            Torpedo Warning
               torpedo warning v3
            Ribbon Badges
               Ribbons v4
      Detection Markers
      ----------------------[ The Minimap mods ]----------------------------------------
         Minimap with ship names 
            Display customized minimap circles
            Display target direction lines
      ---------------------------[ Port mods ]-------------------------------------------
         Session Stats
         Extended Tech Tree (adds hidden/unavailable ships to tech tree)
         Better ship icons on compact carousel [with filters]
         Clear Vision
      Custom shells & tracer contrails
         shells & tracers by BlackSkull
      Cruise control
         Green Mini 2.0
      Colored Radio location marker
         radio location: white with red triangle
         Move Ribbons to the center
         Shrinked ribbons
      Alt Hud
            Navigator: centered
         Transparent unobtained achievements
      Mouse pointers
      Custom Battle Loading Screen
      Info Panel (enemy)
      Info Panel (self)
      Detailed Damage Indicator
      Companion (Campaign progress)
      ----------------------------[ Chat mods ]-------------------------------------------
         Group 1
            Improved Chat
               Improved Chat v3
      --------------------------[ Tweaks ]---------------------------------------
         Fog Remover
         Anti-Glare (Sunglasses)
         Training Room enabler
         Enable ability to record battle replays
      -------------------------[ External Apps ]---------------------------------
         Matchmaking Monitor
         mxStat (by qMBQx8GH_real)


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‎21. ‎september ‎2017, ‏‎08:33:56

Btw did install the loadinf, and doesnt find the _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf


LOADINF for Aslain's Installer v2.5
Author: BeGiN
Program language: C#

Working Directory: H:\Spill\World of Warships

loadinf.bat: Created sucessfully!
File: Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_*.exe  - Not found!
File: _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf  - Not found!

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  • Moderator

Timestamp for the scripts.zip matches the modded one, so that one is correct. (It'll get replaced by original, if you run integrity check, which is why I asked for it)


As for your setup, it works just fine here.


Could you install just those two mods, Detailed Damage + Monstro Markers, and pack your res_mods and attach it?

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  • Moderator

It's so weird it's not working for you...


And it shouldn't really be an "installer issue depending on different systems" either.


I used your res_mods zip file, and the modded scripts.zip I already had, and both mods worked for me.


So the files are being installed properly for you... something else is being weird.

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I know.. there is something either blocking it or some files not being added/changed for me.

Since the _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf isn't in my Warships folder, can that be the reason or maybe other files are missing.
I have no idea, but downloaded the entire game like 4 times this week.. Only file that got altered is preferences because of resolution and settings.

Have the same issue with ProShips and Hakabase, so there must be something not being changed.

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  • Moderator

But the files are added/changed properly, or your res_mods wouldn't work for me, which it did. :huh:


If you're having the exact same issue with ProShips and Hakabase, something is definently going wrong somewhere. But it doesn't look like it's the installed files.


Maybe some odd anti-virus software blocking it's function? (No clue if that's even a thing.. if that would happen.. maybe try pausing your AV software, and give the training room another spin)


The missing _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf is never a good sign.

If you run the installer, without using LOADINF program, it should create the inf file every time you run the installer.

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Tried running Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.6.11.0_02 as Administrator..
Disabled AVG firewall and antivirus, _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf was created.
Scripts.zip in res folder is still the same, but seems like for some odd reason AVG removed _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf.



Dir=H:\Spill\World of Warships

Entered the training room.. And this, nothing changed.


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  • Moderator

At a loss for words really....


About the only difference I can think of now, when it comes to the game and how things are displayed, would be your resolution of 1440p (guessing by size of your screenshot), where I'm on 1080p.


It's a really long shot, but could you try 1080p, and rule out 1440p causing the issue?

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Yeah I know..... 
Reinstalling, replacing every file per modpack each update.. 
It's exhausting and my game crashes even more now with the DX11 crap, and mods not working properly.
Only thing that changed is I'm using DX11, when using DX9 my mods weren't a issue. Would usually work in the next iteration of the modpacks.

disabled everything in AVG.. software analyze, doesnt change anything and still my game crashes with damage indi and monstromarkers still not working.
Using scripts from ProShips didn't help either.. so I have no clue.

Also get more frequent crashes now... hm this shit game!


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