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  1. That, right there, is a CHEATING aim bot. Use the options I mentioned, both do what you want. We're understanding you just fine - you're just not reading any of the replies properly.
  2. The aiming you're asking for, is a CHEATING aim-bot program. If you want to enable the ingame auto-aim easier, there's autoaim indication+ and autoaim extended.. which are NOT cheating.
  3. Oi, I find that offensive, I'm no dummy :P I was replying to the guy thinking it was Fat Bastard :P And in defence of Stiles, at a quick glance, they look the same :P
  4. Could you post your logs again, after your latest attempts?
  5. How about you stop cheating instead, and learn to aim? It's not hard. :mellow:
  6. It's a false positive, nothing to worry about. Only AVG's heuristics scan being stupid.. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6d0747ff3934c505f7a672b8624af175eed9f523ef70cef15959858cdaf1db79/analysis/
  7. It says it cannot import isslideshow.dll? AVG is being a prick, and blocking the file due to shitty heuristics scanning. The file is clean though. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6d0747ff3934c505f7a672b8624af175eed9f523ef70cef15959858cdaf1db79/analysis/
  8. Check my signature. I'm fairly sure the capture bar is part of XVM, so sounds like a bug or another issue, and then the log files would help :)
  9. \World of Tanks\res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain\ colors.xc Use Notepad++ (freeware) or anything else but the default Windows Notepad. You'll find a section starting with: "wn8": [ And then a bunch of numbers. The "value" is when it should display the color. And at the top of the same file, you'll find: "colorRatingNew": { If you want to customize the colors. B80000 for example, can be input to: www.color-hex.com and you'll see what color it is, and also change it from there, to get another color code.
  10. I'm refering to the fact the thread was about spoter's mods in particular :P but eh, did you find it?
  11. Not completely related to this thread, but; "\0.9.10\scripts\client\mods\MultiHitLog\" somewhere in there.
  12. :ph34r: Danish updated! :ph34r: da_translation_v4.6.17.ini.zip
  13. World of Tanks has ships!? :o :blink: :P
  14. With what you posted, you ARE blaming the modpack... but eh :P
  15. You don't understand... look at my screenshot... LOOK AT THE LOCK ICONS. LOOK UP AT YOUR GOLD AMOUNT AT THE LOCK ICON! For crying out loud...
  16. First post, and it's a whine, without any sort of information other than, well, whining. Post logs, and what not. You're using a MOD PACK, not just a single mod. Disengaging AVG to install is YOUR choice. You could have added the file in question to exclusion, instead of opening yourself to EVERYTHING.
  17. You didn't understand, it seems. I'll edit your screenshot and post it here (your cursor is even at the lock...).... there you go:
  18. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6d0747ff3934c505f7a672b8624af175eed9f523ef70cef15959858cdaf1db79/analysis/ Only AVG being shit. Add the file in question to exclusion or temporarily turn off antivirus.
  19. https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6d0747ff3934c505f7a672b8624af175eed9f523ef70cef15959858cdaf1db79/analysis/ Only AVG being shit :P
  20. See the lock where you have your cursor?... Yeah, click that. So it's open like your credits :P
  21. Sorry it took a while - but - all updated now! ^_^ da_translation_4.6.15.zip
  22. Yeah, a reinstall with your usual list, but untick the naughty mod, and remember to select clean install. If you have edited any files manually after installation, remember to re-do those, or backup those files and copy them in afterwards.
  23. Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky (changes client language to Polish) :P The CompList has the list you selected, a quick find/search in a notepad, for "polish" found it :) (for future reference)
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