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  1. True, thought about that afterwards, but you never know... maybe it'll show what is causing the game to freeze? Doesn't hurt to have a look I guess :)
  2. Without logs, nothing is going to get looked at... hint hint ;) (See Aslain's signature.)
  3. My post didn't show it that well, since the image from the built-in pack was getting installed alongside those different packs :)
  4. :P (and sorry if I'm being a pain in the butt.. :( )
  5. Illegal to use! - autoextinguisher Illegal to use! - modificationbarrel (adds a laser to enemy`s gun) Illegal to use! - direction guns enemies on the minimap - (and actually partially there.. in the Minimap Tankview Extended) Illegal to use! - redball Illegal to use! - ZJ ContourLook (X-Ray) Illegal to use! - Something was hit Illegal to use! - tundra (removes vegetation in Sniper mode) Illegal to use! - shadow mod Illegal to use! - destruction on the minimap (pinpoints on the minimap when an object / tree has been destroyed) See where I'm getting at?... They are not going to get added. :P
  6. Hehe yeah.. you and someone else went a bit nuts :P And since I'm following the thread, I got an email for each of them :P
  7. Fine! :P But then you have to admit that I'm right! :P Hehe The culprit is in the Regular (built-in) and also twice in Classical. > usa-A35_Pershing.png < (Bleh, can't attach wotreplay files.. I'll zip it then :P You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file ) _Aslain_logs.zip Pershing.zip
  8. No no - don't turn it off :) I know why it's there.. I'm just trying to help figure out what the causes are. So it looks like it's the Classical 98 pack, it contains 1-2 of the wrong icon. (the Pershing, that is) Hehe... actually... (just tested it) the built-in pack is the culprit as well... check the usa-A35_Pershing.png in that :P
  9. Only using the mods listed in the logs - but I'll try to mess around with it and find out the cause. Also - thanks for the 16 emails... lol. <_<
  10. Not so sure after doing a small test. I think I figured it out. It's a missing file in the res\text's folder, most likely. OP and everyone else with the issue: In the launcher, change your language to anything but what you're normally using (French for example). Let it update. When the launcher has restarted, change the language back to your normal one (English, or whatever..). Let it update. Fixed. (Doesn't explain why it works for him without anything installed... :P )
  11. Installed with just the settings in your CompList, the only difference I can see is that I'm on EU, you're NA.. My store: Works without problems. (No sale on equipment, only vehicles, so not sure if the discounted equipment is the issue)
  12. Went through the 37 packed icon files I had in the DLC cache after the previous test, also downloaded Wizard's contour icons seperate from his forum post, as a baseline. What I found is; usa-A35_Pershing.png is the Pershing's filename used. The following packs has usa-A35_Pershing.png included with a VII (tier 7) marker: Aslains_classical_98 - two files: \Aslains_classical_98\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\contouricons\contour\ \Aslains_classical_98\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\contouricons\regular\ The following packs does NOT have a usa-A35_Pershing.png (due to being outdated): vito74m_contour_icons_963 Note: Installing one pack, without anything else selected, also seems to install a Pershing icon with tier 7 marker (the built-in contour icons being installed alongside the others?), in a "regular" folder, where the icons from the pack is in Ally and Enemy folders. Selected components: -------------------[ Aslain's XVM mod v4.4.12 ]------------------------------------------ Vehicle Contour Icons Master_XH's (english version) [DLC] style 1 I think the culprit is the built-in regular pack, and classical 98.
  13. Yeah, I figured that was the case :) Was hoping it could locate the problem for you though... but I guess we need the OP to say what icon pack it is. He replied to my post about not mentioning what it was... but he didn't say which one in that post either :P So - which icon pack is it? :P
  14. I realized after going to bed that I should probably have written something more than just posting the images. Since he didn't say which one it was, I went through and installed all of them one by one, and searching for "Pershing", and looking for pictures that had a 7-tier marker, and I think those were all I found. (Note: I did not check them ingame... it's simply install and do a filename search.. to try and help locate the problem)
  15. >>> prudenter_98.7z = Download failed: File not found (404) <<< Regular (built-in) = Classical = & Master_XH's style 1 = Master_XH's style 2 = Master_XH's style 3 = Master_XH's style 4 = Master_XH's style 5 = Witblitz - Super Mini = vito74m's (not updated for 9.8) = "Best Icons Ever" by Grandorf = WoT's original icons = :P :P
  16. Doesn't seem to be working. Skirmish battles has the clock ticking when it counts down from 30 to 0. _Aslain_logs.zip
  17. From your screenshot, it looks like Xft, as I have that installed as well. Works fine for me.
  18. You probably need to mention what icon it is... as there are MANY different ones.
  19. Neat! :) 9.8 really messed up things.. I hope they get better at not breaking everything in the future *hopes* :blink:
  20. Instead of removing it completely, you could have an option to select to open the donation page? :)
  21. Well, your screenshot is showing you trying to buy something you cannot afford, which is why I said that I said. (I probably misunderstood.. :/ )
  22. All your mod selections are remembered, and you can always look in the file: _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log in the WoT folder. Reading the changelog can show what is new/updated/removed. Adding icons next to new things would be an extra workload for Aslain, that he doesn't really need, when he has the changelog.
  23. You cannot afford it.... You have 232000, it costs 250000? :P
  24. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/409877-0981-mod-vehicle-exp-extended-205-31052015-hangar-calculation-experience-and-fighting-until-the-next-tank/ http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/405312-0981-autoaim-extended-208-31052015-extended-display-indicator-for-autoaiming/
  25. Uninstalling modpack = Delete the contents of res_mods/version number folder.
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