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[Solved] Windows defender reports a trojan

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It totaly doesn't matter if previous version was ok to antivir software. Looks like MS Defender received some bugged update and started to mark my software as trojan for no reason. The binary image of my modpack is changing with every modpack update, so each new version of modpack is like totaly new .exe for such antivir.

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58 minutes ago, knwhitney said:

Update: I ran another virus definition update from the Windows Defender GUI and it corrected the problem.  I was able to successfully download and install the current ModPack...

I ran update search and it didn't find an update.  I still cannot get download to complete.  How did you get it to work?


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1 hour ago, BSpars said:

What am I performing? I've downloaded the Windows Defender for Windows 10 file and it won't run...Really wanna play tanks instead of doing all of this.


Thanks for your patience Aslain. <3

Same thing here used cmd with admin rights. Followed the instructions and still same issue? 

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Yea well that false positive is preventing me from Downloading it I'm open to suggestions on how to Get around it. 

7 hours ago, Darth_Clicker said:

I have downloaded both WoT and WoWS modpacks using Chrome and Avira AntiVirus Pro without any problems.  No virus warnings etc.  Both are clean.  I suggest that you have some sort of local issue with a false positive being generated.


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Not strange, it's different .exe on wgmods (without couple of adult mods), the binary image is different between the version. So it's normal I would say. There is even a chance that the warning from an AV will be gone with a new modpack update, because every modpack update is creating a new binary image with totaly different checksum.

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