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anyone else randomly not getting vanilla client battle results?

Fairly frequently, upon returning to the garage, the battle results "are not available."



UPDATE: I eliminated the modpack 2-tier carousel and went with the game's 2-tier. Still fails.



Aslains_WoT_Logs 1.6.1.zip

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I have the same problem... When I started a 2nd battle (if I'm death in the first) and I finished the 2nd I can1t reach the reason of the first.

BUT I think is's not the problem of this mod. I tried with an other one with the same reason. Now I play without mods... I'm waitig for the solution.


Best regards!

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Same here, only current battle results are available, have to wait for it to finish to work. None of the previous battles results are working.

All I get is - "Sorry, detailed battle results unavailable."

No idea which mod could be causing that, but pointing at XVM?

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The same issue! Integrity check done... Attached the ZIP file



1) I know, I didn't the update to the newest version, but it was the same result with #05

2) It should be something general wrong: I tried with an other mod (Solo's mod) and there I had the same issue. (Bug reported there too) I hope this author finds the reason.

3) I tried it without XVM too with the same result.



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Title pretty much covers it. 50% of the time, the results wont display after battle and if you try to summon it from notifications, it displays Battle result not available at the moment or something like that in your language..


Could you look into that?

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