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The game client and fashion

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News are encouraging, but probably not soon going to have to enjoy. Anyone remember that wows sometimes freezes, jumps or lags (not all)? Yeah. The client, for fighting with mods (some) introduced an internal archiver that only when necessary unpacks and packs in your account data that will be used in the battle. In some ways this archiver-decompressor-compressor is an experiment in the client wows. And in order to combat some mods can enter it in the client votive offerings ... What does it mean that all problems wows may appear in WoT. The question arises - why test it in WoWsie and not for example in WoWpie? Let us note that this gift can occur, and may not appear in the game. Decisions will be taken at a higher level in the WG

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This is not a issues report from (GB-R)MarekTor but a warning for us.


Ok, so I read the original polish text.


In short: WG is testing in WoWs something related to mods and account, that thing is packing the mods (or mods information) internaly and sending to WG so they can analyze the mods usage and cheats. That thing is causing lots of problems in WoWs (crashes etc.). They want to add it to WoT client, so we shall expect similar issues there.


Thats what I understood reading that polish text, no idea what the source is.

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