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can someone shed light on how this mod works please?  

in game i press ctrl  + v and it disables / enables the mod  as i see a message above minimap but  not sure how it works   any helpers   thanx

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On ‎18‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 2:20 PM, Aslain said:


Maybe it was bugged after 9.14, have you tried it now, from the .50?

even after .50 i still see no arrows  ,  i press left ctrl v and get  edisable/enable as in screenshots ,  i press right ctrl and get another message in screenshots 


but i never get the arrows on screen , ive tried turning away from enemy vehicles and still none  , is the a button im suppose to press  to activate it?















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yeh for some reason its not showing any arrows even after pressing T   . i pressed T  at different times in match  after highlighting tanks etc

.  just strange  really , maybe a conflict with another mod ,  

where will i find the config file for it ? maybe try changing target button

heres my python log



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well  it must be the mod itself , i  reinstalled modpack and only selected focus mod , (unchecked everything else)  .   i   found the config file and set a new  button to use .

but still no joy . i'll just  uncheck  focus mod as it isn't important.  thanks for your help guys

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6 minutes ago, Darth_Clicker said:

I installed it also just to see if it works and it would not work for me either.  Never used it so I do not know what I am missing...:P

thats good to know at least its not just me then haha

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